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Welcome to our dog blog where we and some special guests will blog about local dog events, new products, pet product advice, plus this is the place where you will find free puppy products!!! 4 Creative Words to Spell Out When Buying Customized Dog CollarsPimping out your dog's collar is a time-honored tradition (OK, maybe only for the last few decades) and personalized dog collars are a favorite among dog lovers of all types. If you already have your dog micro-chipped with a custom tag that has your contact information, you are free to spell out anything you like on the collar. Last name: Aside from showing a little family pride, this will also help your dog in times of trouble, so someone who finds your dog knows that he is owned and who he should be brought back to this is especially helpful if the dog tag gets ripped off or lost.
Favorite sports team: While you can buy NFL or NCAA dog collars, they won't have quite the same bling or colorful look that customized dog collars with rhinestone letters will provide. I had to buy a new collar because my puppy out grew the first one, but it's really cute and doesn't make him look to girly! Please see our Collars Sizing Guide for detailed instructions on how to measure your dog's neck correctly. Small leather pet collars personalized with rhinestone letters could be made with your dog's name, initials or charms. You can add Rhinestone charms in heart (blue color only) or bone shape, which is available in pink, white and blue color. Most of our Rhinestone Pet Collars will mix and match with Leather Leashes, so you can order a nice set for your pooch. Please see our Collars Sizing Guide for detailed instructions on how to measure your dog's neck properly.

Collars are made of quality designer full grain leather and stitched with three layers, which makes them more durable. As your pet deserves to shine, our custom made jeweled dog collars are made to make each dog feel very special. It is important to measure your dog's neck size, or length from currently used hole on the old collar to the tip of the buckle (see our Collar Sizing Guide), so you can order proper collar size.
Your doggie will be part of the hottest fashion trend, by having its own sparkly Leather Collar personalized with name in 10mm slide-on rhinestone letters. There are several collar colors to choose from in this size, to match your dog's personality. Each personalized name collar have softer leather liner as well as smooth burnished edges for full comfort around your pet's neck. For instruction on how to measure your dog's neck correctly, visit our Collar Sizing Guide. Make sure that your information and contact with payment is accurate and correct, as we do not have any other way to contact you. Your four legged companion will feel so sparkly as well as fashionable in these Jeweled Dog Collars with bling, available in variety of colors.
Your dog's name, initials and charms in slide-on 10mm rhinestone letters will be centered on the back of the collar.We use only high quality 10 mm slide-on Rhinestone letters and charms, which will not discolor over time. Whether it's a cute name like Fluffy or a more telling name like Trouble, you should be able to find a perfect descriptor of your dog.

A rhinestone encrusted crown charm surrounded by heart charms will show your canine's royal tendencies. As your dog deserves to shine, our Rhinestone Pet Collars are made to make each dog to feel like a star. Rhinestone letters and Rhinestone charms are permanently attached to these collars, with collar matching leather stripe, so they won't come off. We cannot accept returns or resize these collars, if your measuring is not done as instructed. Leather strips with sparkling Rhinestone letters and charms are permanently attached to the collars, so they won't come off. If you don't receive any, please contact us and make sure to update your information with payment.
Add charm accents to finish the look of this uber shiny, personalized rhinestone dog collar.

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