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Seperation anxiety may be preventable with proper socialization and training when a puppyPuppies should be well socialized with other animals and people. As a veterinary assistant, I see many dogs that struggle with anxiety and owners who are desperately searching for a solution.
Keep your dogs relaxed while you’re gone by not making a big deal out of your departure or your arrival. An anxious pet can put a lot of strain and stress on its family, especially if its anxiety causes it to be destructive. Calm goodbyes are extremely helpful in minimizing separation anxiety, but so are calm hellos. While it’s never beneficial to leave a dog that is ready to go play, add anxiety to that and you have a recipe for disaster.
Some dogs express their anxiety by chewing holes in the furniture, others try to break through barriers, and many bark for hours while their families are gone. A well adjusted puppy should do well either alone or with the family and will be less likely to have seperation anxiety in the future.
A medical issue can cause anxiety, which needs to be diagnosed and treated by a trained professional, but sometimes simple things like a scary experience while you were gone (garbage trucks make a lot of terrifying noises!) or not enough exercise or attention can be the culprits.

There are a number of reasons why a dog may develop anxiety and as in humans, the problem can continue to escalate if not addressed.
Dogs that eliminate when owners are at home may not be completely housetrained or may have a medical problem. Some dogs will attempt to escape or become extremely anxious when confined, so that destructiveness or house-soiling when a dog is locked up in a crate, basement, or laundry room, may be due to confinement or barrier anxiety and associated attempts at escape. In other situations fear or anxiety due to an external event (construction, storms, fireworks) may trigger destructive behaviors.
Old dogs with medical problems such as loss of hearing or sight, painful conditions and cognitive dysfunction may become more anxious in general, and seek out the owner's attention for security and relief. Perhaps the best way to determine if the behaviors are due to the anxiety associated with the owner's departure is to make an audiotape or movie clip of the behavior when the dog is alone. With separation anxiety you must reinforce the pet for settling down, relaxing and showing some independence, while attention seeking and following behaviors should never be reinforced. Therefore, training should focus on extended and relaxed down stays and going to a bed or mat on command (see our 'Training Dogs - Settle and Relaxation Training' handout). See our handout on 'Training Dogs – Learn to Earn and Predictable Rewards' for other examples.

In addition, the pet must learn to accept progressively longer periods of inattention and separation while the owners are at home.
On the other hand, some dogs learn that other signals indicate that you are not planning to depart (inhibiting cues) and therefore can help the dog to relax. If you can prevent your dog from observing any of these anxiety inducing pre-departure cues, or if you can train your dog that these cues are no longer predictive of departure, then the anxiety is greatly reduced. Even with the best of efforts some dogs will still pick up on "cues" that the owner is about to depart and react.
Train your pet to associate these cues with enjoyable, relaxing situations (rather than the anxiety of impending departure).

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