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Breeders in the American South, Tennessee and Georgia to be precise, desired a hound with more speed and a hotter sniffer than many of the existing coonhounds.
Coonhounds are born natural hunters, so they have a tendency to run off and hunt if they are not kept well-fenced while exercising on their own. By selective breeding, the black saddle was bred out and the solid red dogs became known as Redbone Coonhounds. Coonhounds are all instinctive hunters, and it is not difficult to train the breed to follow scent and tree a quarry.
As is the case with most of the other coonhound breeds, the ancestors of the Redbone were Foxhounds. A Bloodhound cross is said to have been made, and it's also said to account for the white chest and feet markings which still occasionally show up in Redbone pups today.

Redbones are hotter-nosed, able to locate, and faster tree coons than many other coonhounds. Like other coonhounds, the Redbone is alert, quick and able to work in all types of weather over difficult terrain.
Although some Redbones might have traces of white on their feet or chest, this friendly, elegant dog is the only solid-colored coonhound.
This hound may have been named after an early breeder, Peter Redbone of Tennessee, although much of its breeding has taken place in Georgia. With the thrusting grit of a terrier and the pumping stamina of a Husky, the Redbone is every hunter's hot-trailed dream come true. A natural treeing instinct has been bred into the Redbone, making it a specialist in coon hunting.

The Redbone was the second coonhound breed to be registered with UKC, the first being registered in 1902, two years after the Black and Tan.
The Redbone should be well socialized at an early age and taught simple obedience like walking on a leash. If raised with a kitten from puppyhood they may be okay but some Redbone Coonhounds try to hunt cats down like raccoons. The Redbone Coonhound needs a firm, but calm, confident, consistent pack leader in order to be mentally stable.

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