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Humboldt Pit Bulls is not a kennel, but a group of red nose American Pit Bull Terrier dog breeders in California.
As dedicated dog breeders of the red nose APBT, we add only similar lines to the dogs that we currently have.
Red OFRN Pitbulls Red Nose,red nose red OFRN Pitbulls American puppies OFRN,red OFRN Pitbulls. The Pit Bull puppies for sale we have come from real APBT dog breeders like Wood's, Sorrells, Garner's and Crenshaw's.
American Pitt dog puppies for sale OFRN American Pitt Bull dogs,APBT stud dogs Terrier,Pitbulls for sale, Pitbulls for sale red OFRN Pitbulls puppies OFRN. We breed tight red nose American Pit Bull Terriers by using only dogs with the best APBT family lines.

From the old school APBT, or American Pitbull, has come the new Grand Champion show dogs as well as Ace of Ace weight pullers. With 35 years of breeding pit bull dogs by Dave Miles (from Miles of Bulls Kennels) going into Trailer, he has shown himself to be a super red nose stud dog. The perfect family dog, the Pitbull Terrier has been carefully bread to be very patient with humans.
Stud dogs,Terrier,Pitbulls for sale, Terrier, Pitt dog OFRN Pitt dog APBT Stud dogs American Terrier Pitbulls OFRN. According to the old Pitbull breeders, any plant that grows underground has properties that drive worms out.
If you are looking for a red nose Pit Bull (some write it out red-nosed Pitt Bull) for sale, you came to the right place.

We are proud to have red nose Pit Bull puppies for sale in Humboldt County California with Woods, Sorrells, Garners and Crenshaw bloodlines. By adding just a little neem oil extract (just a few drops in their dog food one time a week), it keeps worms and fleas out of your Pitbull.

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