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A large dog and a true workhorse, the Newfoundland is a master at long-distance swimming and has true lifesaving instincts in the water.
The Newfoundland falls into the "Giant" weight range for dogs, with males typically ranging from 130 to 150 pounds and standing about 28 inches tall at the shoulder, while females typically range from 100 to 120 pounds and stand about 26 inches tall at the shoulder.
The canine shown in the above photograph is not "a rare breed of Newfoundland bred to hunt bears," however. The Newfoundland is a large breed of dog originally bred and used as a working dog by fishermen in the Colony of Newfoundland, now part of Canada. See more rare breeds, like the Mexican Hairless, the Brussels Griffon (which looks like its name), and the New Guinea Singing Dog––a dog that lives in such remote places that you’ll probably never see one or hear one singing with its friends. Over the years we have received letters from people telling us how to pronounce the name of this breed. The Newfoundland is a dog with an outstanding, sweet temperament, courageous, generous, peaceable and intelligent. In Newfoundland he was used as a working dog to pull nets for the fishermen and to haul wood from the forest. The Landseer color, white with black pachtes and black head variety is considered a separate breed in many countries.

The breed was already in St John's in Newfoundland 500-odd years ago when Cabot arrived, this much is known from written accounts of visitors just a few years after his landing. The breed was also used to haul lumber, pull mail sheds, deliver milk and carry loads in packs. Equally at home in the water and on land, today's Newfoundland competes in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, draft and water tests, and carting.
The most probable theory is that the breed descends from the large working dogs of the Pyrenean Mountain dog type that were brought to Newfoundland by the European fishermen settling there. In Britain and the United States, however, it is considered just a color form of the Newfoundland. At least 20 of the breeds are much more commonly recognizable then the obviously sheltered writer. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the proper way the name of this breed should be pronounced. This theory is based on the similarities between the two breeds and the fact that the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador are very close to each other. These early dogs may have been crossed with sled dogs that had been imported into other parts of Canada, to make them more adapted to the local living conditions.

In 1919 a gold medal was awarded to a Newfoundland that pulled to safety a lifeboat containing twenty shipwrecked people. Many believe the Newfoundland originated from crosses between Tibetan Mastiffs brought to Canada by British or European fisherman and local dogs early in the 1700s. In any case, the resulting breed found a niche aiding fisherman off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. During World War II, Newfoundlands hauled supplies and ammunition for the armed forces in blizzard conditions in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. The Newfoundland usually gets along with other dogs, but should be socialize well with them, giving a correction at any sign of aggressiveness to insure this behavior. They do drool, especially after getting a drink, but generally are not one of the worst offenders compared to some other giant breeds.

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