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In our great city of Indianapolis it can be hard to find a great place to let your new friend run free.
Buy training packages that fit your budget, then come to training when it fits your schedule. All training packages begin with a free orientation class that will explain how we train at IndyHumane and will walk you through our process. Practical Pet Protocol is a group dog training class that goes above and beyond other training classes by providing practical skills owners can use long after class is over, for present and future behavior problems.
Dawn Bailey of Circle City Dog Training is excited to be at the head of this unique and effective dog training opportunity. How to utilize these basic obedience skills outside of the classroom, to keep behavior modification at your fingertips, enabling you to handle light behavior problems that may develop or have already developed.

Iams Pet Park is the perfect place where your pup can feel safe and get out all that energy! We put together a plan for your dog and work on that plan throughout your training session. We will work on basic obedience skills, socialize with other puppies, and learn how to have fun at the vet or the groomer. Even if you aren't interested in signing up for classes at IndyHumane, the Orientation will help you better understand your dog and how your dog communicates. Dawn is an experienced trainer in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and has been certified through Canine Trade Group School for Canine Professionals. Late arrivals may be asked to repeat the orientation, in order to ensure that they are ready for training classes.

This class is perfect if your puppy is biting your kids, chewing up the furniture, or just isn't learning to potty outside.
It is a great class to bring the entire family to as we go over how children should interact with dogs.
This group training course gives Dawn the unique opportunity to prevent canine behavior problems rather than address them after the fact.

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