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Once you find the right dog, you can begin to collect the various puppy products you’ll need to care for him. The following is a new puppy supply list that covers the basic products most dogs need to live comfortably. These are puppy products that are often overlooked, but they’re a necessity for nearly all dogs.
This is a basic list of supplies for a new puppy, but you may want to have other items on hand to make caring for your pet easier.
It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a puppy product to keep your pet happy. When bringing home a new puppy for the first time, you must realize that there are certain things that you should have from day one, and things that are just optional.
If your puppy tends to go outside or will spend much of its time outdoors, you should buy a separate shelter. This entry was posted in Pets and tagged New Puppy, Puppy, Puppy Care, Puppy Supplies January 3, 2015 by Admin. Since what they REALLY want are some tasty treats and chewy toys, I made sure to grab a bunch of their favorites of those, also, like Milkbone and Pup-Peroni, for their special Valentine’s Day basket! If your towels are TOO much wider than the pillow, the bunching will tempt your pup to chew on it. Ideally you will have a friend on call to assist you, and drive to the vet with you if needed, or to help with children or anything else that may arise.

Whelping box with guardrails (big enough for dam to stretch out) with rails that prevent the mother dog from accidently squashing the pups against the sides).
A crate can also serve as a safe, comfortable place to keep your puppy while you’re away from home or when you travel with him. Even if your puppy will be professionally groomed, you should buy a brush and nail clippers. Whether you opt for a simple name tag, a tattoo, or an implanted microchip, make sure your puppy can be traced back to you if he’s ever lost. A pooper scooper, a folding gate to confine your puppy to a particular room, and chemical deodorizers for accidents are all good purchases.
Puppies need those chewy toys to develop their teeth and jaws, as well as to keep your dog from chewing your furniture. But what you get in return is the priceless joy and the unconditional affection that your puppy gives, as long as you treat it right and provide it with the right care.
Now your special pups will have a nice, snuggly pillow all for themselves…and you can easily toss it in the wash when the need arises! If you take the time to prepare beforehand, you can avoid harried trips to the pet supply store, which means you’ll have more time to spend with your puppy.
It also wise to have it large enough that it will also accommodate your puppy as he becomes full-grown. With just about $5 and maybe 30 minutes, they now have their own pillows to curl up on…and they’re really easy to just toss in the laundry when needed!

At 2.5 weeks, a paper potty station needs to be added, and at about 4 weeks, a play area needs to be added. Also, your puppy can quickly outgrow collars, crates, and other items so purchase with his adult size in mind. When you have a puppy that is naturally large in breed, feed it with the same regular puppy food like what the other puppies are fed. This year, I got them this super simple DIY Washable Puppy Pillow & Valentine’s Day Treats! It is important never to give large-breed puppies with dog food that is too high in protein. An all-around mild mannered, wonderful Mastiff, Sassy, however, is not the best mother toward her puppies. She is not rejecting them; she will nurse them when a human places them on her to feed, however she will not clean the pups or pay any attention to them.
In return, the pups will be super socialized and will make remarkable pets, however the work involved is astounding.

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