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The idea, as the infographic above depicts, is to first praise your hound for barking (you will use something that triggers your hound to bark to speed up training), then ask your pet to quiet and reward his silence. Follow this link for more information and training tips to help you teach your dog to speak and quiet on cue.
We would like to share some 'Potty Training Tips' with you!With our combined years of personal experience Housebreaking A Puppy, we have found that; it definitely helps if you have a clear and realistic goal in your own mind of HOW to go about Training a Puppy. Potty Training Tips 1)Training a puppy takes time and effort on your part - please be patient with your Puppy. Hopefully we have given you some 'Potty Training Tips' that are useful for you when entering into Housebreaking a Puppy. If you throw a fit and scare your puppy he associates YOU with something bad, not having an accident or going potty in the house.
You need your puppy to be comfortable going potty in front of you so that you can learn his schedule.

Pick a certain place outside in your yard and be sure to take your puppy to it each time you take him outside!
Give him naps in his crate regularly at the same time so your pup gets use to a routine and gets into a habit.
It can be hard because it does require a lot of your time and attention, but only for a short period until your puppy learns to pee outside! We believe that Training a Puppy the correct way from the start, allows all other 'Puppy Education' to flow easily. I know people who avoid getting puppies just to skip this process, and in some ways I totally understand that! Some puppies are very proficient when they are very young and some puppies take longer to gain this control and understanding. People who bring their puppies straight home and allow complete access to the house, have the most trouble with potty training.

Potty training is all about you and it is your responsibility when he is young to help him be successful. I am really excited about what is ahead, which includes a lot of dog training and hopefully some dog behavior research as well.
It is true that your baby dog might catch something outside, but it is also true that if you wait too long to take your hound outside he will have potty training issues and the lack of socialization will result in a fearful and insecure adult dog.
Simply be cautious and don't let your pup interact with stray dogs or eat poop when you take him out. Little accidents can always be cleaned up, the main thing is not to make your puppy anxious about it's toileting.

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