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We often read news articles or watch TV segments documenting heroic rescues of “purebred” dogs from puppy mills. Organizations such as the American Kennel and Westminster Kennel Clubs as well as individual breed groups establish a list of standards and compliance guidelines for responsible breeders in consideration of litter registration. Currently more than 4,000 commercial breeding facilities are licensed to operate in the United States.
The “purebred dog” business is valued as a multibillion dollar industry in the United States (figures include breeding, showing and registering of pedigree dogs).
The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) of 1966 provides some legal governance of commercial breeding facilities. The sheer numbers involved with breeding and selling purebred dogs, and the relatively low regulations and enforcement efforts, make the industry attractive and prolific.
Animal rescue organizations work diligently with law enforcement agencies to assist with raids on breeding facilities operating in violation of animal cruelty laws.

Dogs from puppy mills who outlive their breeding potential are sold to laboratories, dumped and left to die or simply killed. If you choose a pedigree dog, visit the kennel, make sure the dame and sire are on-site, the facility is clean and the animals are socialized and well cared for. Read legislative initiatives such as the Animal Welfare Act-Title 9, and voice your opinion to your elected officials. Edwin Sayres would ask that we look past the appearance of that adorable face in the pet store and understand the real cost — the unbelievable suffering involved in producing that puppy. Sayres is president and CEO of the ASPCA, and the letter represents the organization’s annual fundraising effort.
I would like to share some of the facts from their literature as well as other research on this topic.
There are many conscientious, quality, loving, independent kennels run by professional, concerned individuals who are simply devoted to a specific breed and want to see the best qualities of that breed propagate.

They are transported over long distances in conditions as deplorable as the breeding factories they leave.
The rescued animals are delivered to a safe environment where they are assessed, diagnosed and treated. Nearly all dogs rescued from puppy mills are reported as suffering severe neglect with skin conditions, filthy coats and parasite infestations.

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