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KEY MESSAGE: Over the decades, Kathy Bauck has produced and sold thousands of dogs and puppies yearly to consumers and pet stores throughout the United States, plus Canada. As Bauck's Animal Welfare Act license (AWA) was cancelled August 16, 2010, she could no longer sell to pet stores — however, Animal Folks MN tracked Bauck's pet sales and shipments and found this breeder continued to sell puppies to pet stores in New York. The Perfect Puppy (Stony Brook, New York) - 4 in shipment *Note on certificate says puppies did not go to this destination, but no indication where they went.

B and T Canine Corral was created so we could share our healthy, home-raised  puppies with families across the US via one convenient web site. Please call (405) 323-3211  (405) 527-8888 with any questions you have about our adorable purebred puppies.

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