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So the first time you go to buy it, you have to pay $3.29 (minus any coupons that would apply to the product).
Then you buy the same products again, use the other $2.50 off coupon (because you buy 2 Sunday papers and would have 2 of those coupons), and use the $7 ECB from your previous purchase. Eventually, you will hit the limit or stop because you have all you need (and wanted to leave some for other couponers), and you’ll have remaining ECBs on your last receipts.
They also sometimes just send Extra Care Cardholders other $ off of $$ coupons, and the same applies in those situations. Once you understand how each system works, and you combine coupons with their rewards system, you’ve set yourself up to save a LOT of money. Before I even begin to talk about when is best to use and not use your coupons, I wanted to share a few tips, or suggestions, that will make your couponing work for you so much more. A lot of serious couponers will go the day that the sales kick in for the stores they shop at so they can get all the goods they need before others wipe out the good deals.
Also, if you have a coupon for a sale item, and even with all those savings it will cost you more than the store brand, just get the store brand of that item.
So trust me on this one- it is better to spend more money and be healthy than to save tons of money on loads of processed foods and be a fattie. How I keep track of my coupons is something that a lot of my (female) family members have asked me about over the last couple of months. First of all, you need to decide the main categories that you would say your shopping is divided into so you can divvy up your coupons accordingly. Once you’ve decided what will make the most sense to you when you go looking for a coupon, you label each tab of each page divider with a category, and you put them all in your 3-ring binder.
Since I use more than one Sunday paper, I layer the identical pages to cut out the coupons so that I don’t have to do twice as much cutting.
Because I will have multiples of all my coupons, I put all coupons for an identical product in one 4×6 slot together.
You’ll notice that beside each coupon listed, it tells you the place to find said coupon. This meant you used to have to keep all the coupons organized by date and for each item you wanted to get a coupon for, you had to go find the date and clip the coupon you needed.
I will say this though- the best way to stay on top of your couponing is to cut out all your coupons the week that you get them.
As you add your new coupons, look through the ones in your binder to see if any have expired, and go ahead and pull them out and toss them. With the new system, however, you know exactly where to look for coupons because of your categories. I have saved SO much more money because I was able to bring the coupons to the store with me. Coupon stacking is simply using multiple coupons on the same product to get the lowest price possible. So in Scenario 3, you stacked a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon and got a lot of savings. UPDATE: Click here to see a list of stores and their couponing policies broken down in an easy to read table.
Say you want to buy some Pillsbury canned crescent rolls and you have three coupons for 25 cents off a can of Pillsbury crescent rolls and three coupons for 55 cents off any three cans of Pillsbury crescent rolls. You take the three 25 cent coupons because they each apply to only one can, and you take one of the 55 cent coupons because it applies to the purchase of 3 cans, and you use them together. Say you had two buy one, get one free coupons for Secret deoderant, and you were buying two identical Secret deoderants.
Secret deodorant 1 gets a coupon to get Secret deodorant 2 for free, and Secret deodorant 2 gets a coupon to get Secret deodorant 1 for free.
I’ll be honest, using two B1G1 coupons on the same two products and getting it to work has only happened for me once or twice, but I read about it working for other couponers in blogs all the time.
Ingles, I’ve heard will also double coupons that are 50 cents and under, but they have a tricky coupon policy. Since you are shopping at Publix, and they double coupons worth 50 cents or less, you know that your 75 cent coupon will not double.
Since none of us want to miss that opportunity, feel free to just ask your store’s cashiers if they ever triple coupons and if so, when, as you check out.
I will certainly be looking forward to finding triple coupon opportunities this summer, and I will post about it on my blog if I find out when and where. There are so many websites online that help you understand which coupons to use, how to combine them, and when to use them. Every item to be on sale for the week is shown, along with where you can find coupons that apply to that item. You will also notice that under some of the coupons, there are little notes about how much you will end up paying after coupons.
What it does is give you a meal plan: a full set of meals for the week with their shopping lists, recipes, what coupons to use, etc. There are different kinds of coupons, and that’s important because when we start talking about how to stack coupons (tomorrow), you will need to know this stuff.

Store coupons are coupons that a store puts out for products they sell that are only accepted at that store or at stores that accept competitor coupons.
You will see that the top one says CVS Pharmacy, and the bottom one says TARGET COUPON in the black box by the expiration date and also has the Target logo on the coupon. Publix, Kroger, Target, as well as many other grocery stores and drug stores put out their own store coupons in fliers with newspapers.
You can also print many manufacturer’s coupons that you find online, cut them out, and use them instead of, or in addition to, newspaper coupons.
Catalinas are coupons that print out after your receipt when you purchase certain items from a store.
Since I had coupons for those light bulbs and found them on sale, I went ahead and purchased some for future use.
Although it says Manufacturer’s Coupon on it, the way that I came by it is what makes it a Catalina.
Electronic coupons are coupons that you can save to your store shopper card (like your Kroger Plus Card, Ingles Advantage Card, etc). You go onto a website, enter your information and shopper cards’ numbers, and then load up your cards with free, online coupons. When you go to check out, and they scan your card, the coupons that relate to the products you purchased are automatically applied to your total.
Kroger, Ingles, CVS, and other stores offer a way to load coupons to your shopper card through their site. When you scan the card, the coupons will, once again, not take any money of the total of your bill. None of the Rewards eCoupons will affect your use of printed coupons the way that regular eCoupons would. I know that was a lot of information, but it’s important to note the differences before you move on to planning your coupons for a shopping trip. So, if you like saving money, or you just NEED to save money, go out to the store, buy a couple of Sunday papers with coupons in them and a pair of scissors. I started Queen Bee Coupons because I feel passionately about helping people be good stewards of their money and living more with less. We will keep updating this page to help you collect printable Iams dog food coupons every month.
So far, we’ve covered The Different Types of Coupons, How to Stack Coupons,  and How to Organize Your Coupons. Then you use your coupons. Since the 50 cent coupons double, and you have two $1 off coupons, you end up saving $4. There are so many people in need, so many food banks that would be oh-so-grateful for donations.
After I cut out all the coupons for products I would even consider buying, I go through my binder and insert them into an empty slot in the appropriate category.
You don’t need to be told where to find them unless you want to know where to get a coupon online. That will ensure that you don’t get excited to save money only to be disappointed at checkout when your expired coupon is denied, and it will free up space in your binder for new coupons. You have coupons all kept according to their dates so you can find them, meaning LOTS of coupons at home. No worries- just flip to the category and browse through the pages to find a coupon that goes with that product. In the last couple of months, it has made shopping with coupons way easier for me than any other system I had tried before. You have a coupon for 75 cents off of Stride Gum and a coupon worth 50 cents off of Stride Gum. Some folks say Kroger triples coupons once or twice a year, but I haven’t been so lucky as to get to take advantage of that yet. Above is a screenshot of Southern Savers showing part of the current Publix flier and where to find coupons for those items. This is great, because it shows you just how much you stand to save if you have the right coupons. Recently, some stores (including Kroger) have stopped accepting both print coupons and eCoupons if they apply to the same item.
Instead, the money value of each coupon you use via Saving Star will be registred to your Saving Star account. I'm Heather and I started cutting coupons when I couldn't cut any more corners in our family budget. Whenever you look at the price tag of your dog’s food, you will get scared due to the increase of its price constantly. Today we’re going to look at couponing in drug stores, which can work a bit differently than grocery stores. If you have $20 worth of items and get $5 off in coupons, your total will no longer be $20, and the $4 off of $20 will not apply.
This is so helpful for when you find a great deal you want to stock up on, but you don’t want the food to go bad before you can use it.

You have waited to buy it, so you go digging around for your General Mills coupons, and you have two manufacturer’s coupons for $1 off any General Mills Cereal and two store coupons for 50 cents off a General Mills cereal. There are almost never coupons for meat, but catching a good sale and stocking up is a major money saver.
All of your paper coupons should be filed under their categories, so all you have to do is open to the right category and flip through the pages until you find the coupon you need.
And the other coupon requires you to buy 3 cans, so you use one of them, and apply it to the three together as a whole.
Usually for Georgia (where I live), they will triple coupons sometime in July and again when in January or February.
The other items do not have any S coupons because there are no Publix coupons available for them right now. Both the dog and cat food bags also have advertising on the bags saying there is a 3.00 coupon inside the bag as well.
The coupons can be really great sometimes, and it might affect what you had in mind to buy.
Most things are just as good with store brands or a brand that you have a coupon for, so try things out, and figure out what you can substitute and what brands you can’t live without.
You take one of the manufacturer’s coupons and one of the store coupons, and you use them together at checkout.
Hopefully someone in your region will be generous enough to have created a site that shares so much about couponing. And this is why we want to collect the printable dog food coupons here, to help pet owners feed dogs the best food under a low cost.Iams Dog Food ReviewsIams dog food brand is very famous for its nutritive value.
As it is prepared and developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists, you can be sure that your dog is getting very good and healthy food. This food brand comes in three main categories such as Premium Protection, Pro-Active Health and Healthy Naturals. They usually make innovative researches to know the dogs more and provide them with the best food in the whole of pet care industry.Iams Dog Food Formula ReviewsIams provides a full choice for our dogs. There are four formulas available, ProActive Health, Veterinary Formula, Premium Protection, and Naturals for both dry dog food and wet dog food.Iams ProActive Health dog food formula keeps our dogs healthy both inside and outside. PreBiotic nutrition stimulates the growth and activity of bacteria in the digestive tract to help your dogs promote healthy digestion. As premium dog food, Iams ProActive is recommended by many vets, because it is a concentrated formula to meet the unique nutrition needs of dogs.Joint Health formula is focusing on supporting your dogs joint healthy. Along with the glucosamine, it will help to avoid the cartilage degeneration and protect your dog from osteoarthritis. Furthermore, it also provides L-Carnitine which can help your dogs reduce fat mass and increase the muscle mass.
It is also the best dog food formula for dog weight loss.Premium Protection formula dog food is strongly recommended by many dog owners. It also includes the glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate which can also find in the Iams Joint Health dog food formula to keep healthy joints.Iams Healthy Naturals formula dog food provides unsurpassed the nutrition from natural sources.
With the carrots, tomatoes, and spinach from the natural farm, it provides rich vitamins and antioxidants for our dogs, helps them to establish the solid immune system. Healthy Naturals dog food formula uses the natural chicken or lamb meat and egg as the high quality protein source, which help to build strong muscles.
It offers the natural fiber from apples and helps our dogs develop a healthy digestion system.Reviews on Iams Dry and Canned Dog FoodIams has more than thirty different dry dog food products categorized by four main formulas.
For example, dog foods such as Pro-Active dry MiniChunks are used for dogs aging one year and above.
It helps our dogs build the strong immunity system to protect them from outdoor risk.Puppy Food, Dog Food for Puppies Iams also contributes a lot researches on nutrition needs for dogs in different life stage. Puppy dog foods, such as Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy Original, are designed for puppies from 1-12 months old.
This kind of dog foods is made with natural fish oils which provide Docosahexaenoic Acid, known as DHA, a very important nutrition for brain development.Senior Dog Food Senior dogs have more healthy problems than adult dogs. To help our senior friends out of these healthy problems, Iams provides the special dog food for senior dogs. Iams Pro-Active Lamb meal and Rice dry dog food are designed for dogs aging more than a year and has a sensitive skin. Rich of Omega-6 help your dogs develop healthy skin and hair.Printable Iams Dog Food CouponsUse online Iams Dog Food coupons are the best way to feed the premium dog food to your dogs, as well as save money. For example, there are over 100 newspapers in California which will carry the Iams Dog Food Coupons, such as CA Journal, CA Enterprise-Record, and CA Enterprise etc. It will keep you up to date with the latest Iams dog food news and coupons in time.IAMS dry dog food coupons printable 2011 DecThere is another efficient way to get the Iams dog food discount.
As fulfillment partner for this program, we can get $2.00 discount on selected Iams dry dog food.

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