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There is nothing worse as a dog owner than coming home to discover that your four-legged pal has destroyed a lovely piece of furniture.
Unlike the children's toy or remote control, a piece of furniture cannot be replaced so easily or cheaply.
Now that you know some of the reasons your dog may be chewing on furniture, it is time to work on preventing that behavior.
When your dog switches from the furniture to the toy, offer them praise to reinforce the idea that chewing on toys is good.
It is inevitable that at some point, every dog owner is going to lose a possession to chewing.
Preventing your dog from chewing on furniture and other household items takes knowledge and effort.
Experiment with a variety of toys from your local doggie retailer until you find the type of toy that your pooch really enjoys.

Give your dog plenty of exercise and the likelihood of it chewing on furniture will significantly decrease. Most of the time dogs will go after smaller items to destroy, such as remote controls, a shoe, or a children's toy. Learning why your dog is chewing, and discovering a few helpful tips for preventing that behavior, can help avoid costly damage around the home. The problem with using taste deterrents is that is does not address the behavior that is driving the chewing. This offers its own positive reinforcement in your dog's mind that toys are good, and furniture is bad. Often times a dog will chew on furniture simply because it is bored and needs an outlet for its energy. As a result, dogs use their mouths as a hand for grabbing, tossing, and chewing on things as they play.

If you want your dog to stop chewing on furniture, it is going to take a little work to address the issues behind the behavior. Chewing helps facilitate the teething process and offers relief to their sore gums in the process.
Sometimes that playful chewing gets directed at your furniture instead of toys and other items. If you notice your dog going after the furniture, quickly correct the behavior and offer them a toy.

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