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If you can’t find chicken wire at your local lawn and garden store, pick up a roll from a farm and ranch store. How to Keep Dogs from Digging Under a Fence GateSome dogs love to escape when confined to a fenced yard, and the easiest way out is often by digging under the gate.
If you catch your dog digging in an non-designated area, firmly say "No digging!" and bring him over to the designated digging area where he can dig in peace.
If you use the dog feces method, use your dog's own feces; the waste from another dog will not work. Remove rocks and debris from the fence line and dig down into the soil, taking care not to dig through any sprinkler or water lines. Pull the ties tight and snip off the excess plastic at the end to keep your puppy from poking himself as he explores the yard.
Tamp the filled trench down with your feet to compact the soil and deter your pup from digging in the soft ground. The easiest way for a dog to escape is by digging under the gate, since it has a gap under it to allow the gate to swing open and closed.
If you want to find a couple reliable ways to get your dog from digging up a storm in your back yard, read this instructional for numerous tips and tricks.
If you've unsuccessfully tried to discourage your dog from digging the polite way, it's time to step up the tactics and show him who's boss.

The unpleasant surprise when the dog pops the balloon will take away some of the dog's digging pleasure. Your dog may have learned that digging a hole in your nice garden gets attention from you, even if that attention is the bad sort of attention.
If you don't have an outside shelter to keep him cool in hot weather, he might be digging to find a respite from the heat. If you are working in your garden, remove fresh dirt from your dog's reach with a fence or covering. However, a roll of chicken wire and little elbow grease will stop your digging pooch in his tracks. Place a tie at the bottom of the fence and another at the top of the chicken wire to keep your playful pooch from pulling the wire away from the fence. Your dog may be bored if he stares at fences for a long time, whines, or engages in playful or "hyperactive" behavior, including digging holes.
So you must find ways to make the act of digging while you are not around a little bit less pleasurable for the dog.
However, there are many dogs who eat their poop and will gladly see this as you burying their favorite treat.
If you think this might be case, ignore the dog after the digging and lavish your dog with attention for other, good behavior.

This is especially likely if the digging is near the foundations of buildings, trees, or water sources. If the dog digs at the roots of trees or plants, or there's a raised path leading to the digging site, it's possible that your pet has spotted another pet he wants to, well, hunt. At best, punishing your dog for digging holes by yelling, slapping, or hitting him will only keep him from digging that hole while you are around. Note: punishing the dog for digging after the fact will not solve the problem, and it could just worsen any anxiety that is causing him to dig in the first place. If you think this may be the case, try to figure out what your dog is running to or from, and give him incentives to stay put in the yard. Some primitive-type breeds who love to dig for the joy of digging include Australian Cattle Dogs and the Portuguese Podengo Medio (new to America).
Also, most terriers love digging and should be allowed to do so, as long as they cannot escape.

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