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Works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear when activated by the barking. Dog Anti Bark Collar dog taining aid, dog anti bark, dog barking collar, bakring solver, dog bak collar. Sometimes a sensitive dog can get your message to stop barking from the lowest level of this unit. It would be great if you can share your story with us, I mean, I have read that customers are happy with their purchase, this collar can work very great, but you might have different experiences that you want to share with others. This device has been designed to stop bad behavior of your dog immediately, you’ll notice the difference not too long after using this unit.

Since this collar is water resistant, there’s no reason not to use it when you and your best friend plan to have a great time out there.
Before making any buying decision, you should measure your dog’s neck to see if it meets the size of Innotek BC-50B bark collar. One of the customers shared his experience with us in using this product, it took only 2 sessions and his dog was no longer bark for no reason anymore.
I know that you might not want to hurt your dog this way, but there are some dogs just won’t learn the other way.
Innotek bc-50b bark collar is one of many ways in sending a message when there’s no need for him to panic and bark.

I think it may be better for smaller, my dogs deamenor is just too intense for the stop bark collar.

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