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Recently she has been pooping all over the house mostly right in front of us and sometimes with guests around. Of course, she chased it all over and ran it out of her territory, like every other instance a cat was in the yard. But, this time the cat who was guarding kittens, fought back, and they ended up in quite the tangle before I got them to stop it.
Even now, fostering this stray dog who was living outside, she immediately started pooping on my floor at night. We got a new dog about 3 years ago, everything was fine until he hit puberty and that's when the problems started. The Boxers had been potty trained for 4 years, they started marking territory and fighting so badly that we eventually decided to give the new dog to a different family. They were left for 30 minutes with the back door open and they peed right next to the open back door. I was thinking about going back to kennel training like when they were puppies, but I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do.

When Rick comes home she quickly changes and tucks her tail almost like she is scared and drops poop. She is not aggressive towards him, but appears scared and drops poop, while starring him down and staying away. Last summer she started to behave strangely until in September she completely lost her eyesight and was diagnosed with SARDS. She has somewhat learned to move around the house again independently and has gained a lot of activeness back, but she has also started doing her business in the house when we are at work or during nighttime. We take her out in the morning before work and right after getting back and she eats one meal a day around 6pm.
I'm out of ideas what to do with her and my husband is starting to get fed up with this and wants to get rid of the dog. She is stiff when walking around, joint supplements in her food have helped that and she is no longer in need of anti-inflammatories.
We have a doggie door for our dogs that is open night and day, and she uses it all the time.

She'll be half squatting with her tail up and just start going as she's walking around the house.
She's a happy, loving dog and isn't in pain other than a bit stiff when getting up (so am I, but you're not putting me down either.) She still plays and trots around a lot.
I mentioned it to the vet the last couple of times she was there and they just said "she's old and is starting to lose her ability to know when she needs to go".
I then lined the lattice with plywood - stapled it on with housing staple gun to prevent the dogs climbing the lattice.

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