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October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month, with October 27th set aside as National Pit Bull Awareness Day. The Pit Bull has a stigma of being a threatening, vicious and dangerous breed of dog that could attack at any second. Pit Bull owners have been trying endlessly to break that stigma, since they see the qualities of the dog that should be publicized, not hidden.
But while browsing the Facebook page of the rescue group (SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance) that we adopted our Lab from, I came across a picture of a Pit Bull named Blu.
The stigma placed on Pit Bulls not only impacts their lives, but it also impacts the lives of their owners.
To those of you unwilling to consider adopting a Pit Bull, I issue this challenge: Go to an animal shelter and look into the eyes of these dogs. Above all, Pit Bulls—like all other dogs housed in our nation’s shelters—deserve a chance at a better life. Speculation about the breed mix of last week’s winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest – a squat mutt named Walle – had many asking if he was a “pit bull” dog. The previously stated studies all suggest that there is no reason for the public to be frightened or apprehensive about coming in contact with a pit bull type dog. The United Kennel Club, whose own standards are cited in the model pit bull ban, recommends against the use of pit bull breeds as guard dogs because they’re too friendly to strangers.
Anna MacNeil’s study shows pit bulls’ natural habitat is the bed and breed-specific behavior is cuddling. Yet it only takes a brief look at the history of pit bulls to realize that the dogs are not the problem; the humans who misuse them are. One dog breed became so trusted that despite the fact that no Kennel Club or Association recognized it, despite the fact that it could be found on the poorest farms and bleakest city neighborhoods with kids who didn’t know where their next meal was coming from, rich people acquired them in droves because they were simply the safest, most tolerant breed to have around their gilded progeny. Pitbulls have a 7% survival rate in the US and an average shelter population of 40%-60%…imagine how many end up dead every day nationwide.

Temperament evaluations by the American Temperament Test Society have given pit bull terriers a very high passing rate of 90.6 percent.
Both were started to educate people and the media about a dog breed that has been misrepresented for years, and to promote the positive image that Pit Bull owners know and love.
Just like any other dog, a Pit Bull will reward you for your efforts with loyalty, companionship and an undying, unwavering love like no other.
From the opening of the front door to the desk, the greeting and smiling faces make everyone feel welcome. In fact, one of the most misunderstood things about it is that it’s not really a dog breed at all. The AFF mobile app “Talking Pit Bull Dogs” is now available to download from Android and Apple.
However, because of the negative portrayal of the breed through the media and breed specific legislation, the public continues to believe that pit bulls are different from other dogs when they are not. While Pit Bull is not actually a breed, I love the opportunity to talk about these amazing dogs who have been so misunderstood. Dogs that save people’s lives sometimes receive awards in the USA, even if they are pit bulls. Most of the time when they say it was a pit bull in a story it is just easier and scarier than getting the real story.
National Pit Bull Awareness Day was started in 2007 by a Tennessee Pit Bull rescue and education group called Bless The Bullys. If this persists, pit bull owners will continue to tip-toe around the views of others, and countless pit bulls will not find forever homes.
Pit’s (Pibbles) are actually amazing companions that are loving, loyal and great companions and family dogs.
With outreach and education, it may be possible to restore that image and rehabilitate the pit bull’s reputation, restoring an iconic American dog to its rightful place among mankind’s best friends.

It was started in an effort to educate and hopefully change perceptions about Pit Bulls by using positive media attention. The app is designed  to offer quick and easy access to everything on our website from our FAQs about “pit bull” dogs to our eBooks on topics ranging from Dog Training to Breed Specific Legislation.
However, if the media were to choose to promote pit bulls in a positive manner, the fear of the breed would slowly be eliminated, and more families would be able to share moments with loyal dogs that deserve to be loved.
Pit Bulls are no more responsible for the way they are bred, raised and trained, than cars are responsible for the way they are designed, built and driven. A pit was filled with rats and dogs competed to see who could kill all of them in the shortest time.
Fact: Pits are tractable, loving, quiet in the home, intelligent, and without a doubt the most endearing of all breeds. Watching football, gardening, in the car, at your feet, in the bed, and especially in the kitchen, Bullies are there helping out.
Crocker made the first cross-country drive in 1903, they brought along a Pit Bull named Bud.
Petey, one of the most famous Pit Bulls of all time22.The most decorated dog of World War I was a Pit Bull named Sergeant Stubby.
It invariably focuses on the Pit Bull, which is a slippery subject for reasons mentioned earlier in this article.

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