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The Supreme Court of Canada will rule Friday on two cases that are expected to clarify the rules around the use of police drug-sniffing dogs. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that police can deploy drug-detecting sniffer dogs for warrant-less searches against suspects, but only with "reasonable suspicion based on objective, ascertainable facts" of criminality. The decisions mean that the Supreme Court agrees that the existing threshold should remain in place with regard to reasonable suspicion for police to conduct random public searches of people with drug-sniffing dogs. Legal experts had been monitoring two decisions today regarding the use of drug-sniffing dogs, believing it would clarify what constitutes "reasonable suspicion" for when the animals can be called forth. Lower courts acquitted both men, reasoning that police did not have reasonable suspicion when the law enforcement officials set their dogs upon MacKenzie and Chehil for a sniff search.
We have already shown you how cute police dogs are when they act totally official, but sometimes police dogs must perform duties that aren’t so adorable. Researches have found that trained dogs are able to use their noses to tell the difference between identical twins!

Many of the dogs are purchased and trained with money seized from criminals engaged in drug trafficking. Commonly Used as Sniffer Dogs by PoliceThe talented English Springer Spaniel has one of the best senses of smell of all dog breeds. The outcomes would decide whether police in both cases had breached the two men's charter rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. But he was searched only after police pulled him over for driving just two kilometres an hour over the posted speed limit and deciding his eyes looked red. Using the dogs, officials were led to a huge drug laboratory that contained over 10 Billion dollars worth of heroin.
Although many believe that this is done so that the average person can’t give commands, the real reason is because so many dogs are imported from Holland. Shelters, private homes, and adoption agencies can supply excellent dogs that love to work.

Because of this, they've found steady employment in the modern era as detection dogs operating under countless police and military forces. There are several different types of these alerts, but dogs are commonly taught to sit down when they smell a bomb. Many police dogs learned most of their commands in Dutch already, so learning a new language would be pointless and difficult. The handler takes the dog to a site where they suspect the pornography will be held and the dog sniffs the drive.
To prove our point, we’ve created this list of 22 incredible facts about police dogs that you need to know!

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