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We have already shown you how cute police dogs are when they act totally official, but sometimes police dogs must perform duties that aren’t so adorable.
Researches have found that trained dogs are able to use their noses to tell the difference between identical twins! While humans search rooms with our hands and eyes, a dog’s nose can sense things we may never find. Many of the dogs are purchased and trained with money seized from criminals engaged in drug trafficking.
My comment is more about the manner in which my dog was treated by our local sheriffs department.
Using the dogs, officials were led to a huge drug laboratory that contained over 10 Billion dollars worth of heroin. All commands must be followed without hesitation, this way officers can ensure that a dog will never act out of control and hurt someone.

Although many believe that this is done so that the average person can’t give commands, the real reason is because so many dogs are imported from Holland. Shelters, private homes, and adoption agencies can supply excellent dogs that love to work. First my dog started barking ( only barking) I hear taze the dog I hear him yelp like I’ve never heard before then he simply tied to get up and I hear taze him again and again a heart stopping yelp, and again he tries to get up when I hear taze him again. This notifies the handler that there are drugs on site, even though the dog just thinks it’s a toy (we’ll get to that later). There are several different types of these alerts, but dogs are commonly taught to sit down when they smell a bomb.
Many police dogs learned most of their commands in Dutch already, so learning a new language would be pointless and difficult. The trainer will let the dog play with the towel for some time before altering the towel’s smell.

The handler takes the dog to a site where they suspect the pornography will be held and the dog sniffs the drive. Then my now husband had his cuffs taken off and told sir you can secure the dog now, after my dog had evacuated himself after 1st,2nd, or 3rd tazeing, I watch a lot of cop shows never seen them taze a 300 pound man 3 xs cause he kept trying to set up. To prove our point, we’ve created this list of 22 incredible facts about police dogs that you need to know! While the dog searches for his toy, he begins to associate the smell of drugs with the sight of his towel.

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