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Death of northern white rhino in California leaves just 3 on earthNorthern white rhinos moved closer to total extinction with the death of Nola at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. From BB: There has been an article printed that actively encourages dog fighting and puts it on some sort of pedestal, describing how it creates an amazing bond between the owner and pet. Frankenstein is a stocky, muscled, mainly white pitbull who carries the scars of previous battles all over his body.

If you really loved your dog you would put him though the trama pain and fear of dog fighting. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged bulls, death, dog, fights, pit, the, to by dishaefreqer. Put the so-called hunters, trappers, animal-fighting organizers, people who bet at racings and fightings, poachers, fur traders, big aquarium corporation CEOs, zoo and circus visitors and staff, consumers of meat, milk and eggs from factory farming, factory farmer, fur wearing people, employees of animal testing laboratories and all the other hypocritical and ignorant human creatures together in big arenas and let them kill each other in bloody fightings til death.

I would through in an arena with a angry pitbull and watch him bite and pull the flesh off your bones, feel every single bit of fear and pain you allowed your dog to feel.

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