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And the woman who owns the rescue org, Tia Torres, gives parolees the chances they also need to get back into the world outside of prison.  She started the program at the behest of her husband, as he explained to her how hard it is for parolees to integrate back into the work life. Her company, Villalobos Rescue Center, was originally in the Southern California (Aqua Dulce) region for 18 years, then moved to Southern Louisiana and New Mexico, for various reasons. On Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and Parolees, we watch Tia and her crew rescue and adopt out various animals. Torres is the star of Pit Bulls & Parolees, an Animal Planet series that just finished its fourth season. An enduring passion for animals led Torres to initially found Villalobos in California in the early 1990s as a sanctuary for wolves and wolf-dog crosses (the name translates to “village of wolves”), but that all changed after a chance visit to an animal shelter.
The show follows her family, a revolving cast of ex-convicts looking for a fresh start, and the more than 150 Pit Bulls at the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans.

She was bound by “ropes and an entourage of animal control officers, like she was some African lion,” Torres recalls. Production companies came calling in 2007 after LA Weekly profiled Torres and Villalobos, which was then operating in Los Angeles County, with offers of creating a reality show. By virtue of their power and presence, Pit Bulls -– even the well-behaved ones –- are easy targets for blame in dog-park scuffles in ways that Dachshunds and Chihuahuas never will be. The dogs and their handlers are metaphors for one another: misunderstood, marginalized, the most deserving of a second chance, and the least likely to get one. The dog slipped free and ran toward Torres’ young daughters, who were sitting on a wooden bench. And sometimes, fame can be scary: Torres says that once, while she was out walking one of the dogs, an overzealous fan tackled her to the ground and had to be physically pried off.

After meeting her husband, Aren, through a prison letter-writing program, Villalobos began employing parolees to work for the organization. When a network representative became captivated by the novelty of a woman running a Pit Bull rescue that employed parolees, Torres knew she had to step in front of the camera to get the show sold. The dog tackled them onto the grass — and started licking their faces, eliciting a chorus of squeals and laughter from her daughters.

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