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The dogs in this list, like Pit Bull breeds, or any other breed of dog, need love, care, understanding and guidance to become happy healthy family pets. Below you will find a list of dogs often misidentified as Pit Bulls and a link to test your own identification abilities. Many dogs that are not even truly pitbulls are lumped into this category as well. Any dog bearing even one or two of the physical characteristics of a pit are often called “pit bull type” dogs.

Some locations, such as Miami-Dade County, Florida and Sioux City, Iowa have instituted breed specific legislation which bans residents from owning any types of pitbulls. Also, because of the negative portrayal in the media of all pitbull types, many dogs that would make wonderful pets are overlooked at shelters and are eventually put down. There is a lot of confusion about types of pitbulls, but there is one thing that they all have in common: They are a misunderstood and misrepresented group of dogs. While most insurance companies won’t provide you with canine liability insurance if you own a dog on the “blacklisted” breed list, Einhorn Insurance can.

As landlords, we require our tenants have coverage for their dogs and list us as an Additional Insured on their dog liability policy.

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