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Pit Bulls are impressive dogs to show off in agility work, fly ball, and other exciting dog sports.  You can utilize a Pit Bull's athletic talents by having a great time with your pooch in ways that may surprise you. Because many Pit Bulls tend to be happier around dogs that they know, you may be able to find or create 'play groups' where your dog can regularly visit with other dog 'friends' for fun and exercise.  Both you and your dog will benefit from the extra socialization. Pit Bulls are very active dogs that need a LOT of run around time and exercise, but are generally not compatable with off-leash dog parks.  Don't get a young Pit Bull if you live your life in the slow lane. 15.  Despite all the work, enjoy your dog!  Whether your buddy loves a long hike, a fast swim or just a rip snoring power nap, you and your special friend deserve to keep soaking' up all the good bully love! To socialize adult dogs, owners should first carefully introduce their Pit Bulls to other adult dogs.  A great way to introduce adult dogs is to take a nice long walk on leash together. Taking long leash walks with appropriately matched dogs of good temperament and good social skills and with known, responsible owners. Taking an obedience or agility class, where your dog will learn to focus on you in the presence of other dogs, and may also receive positive reinforcement in the presence of other dogs.
Dogs playing together for long periods of time in large groups with unstructured time or activities can result in inappropriate behavior. Dog playgrounds need to be carefully selected by competent readers of dog body language and with an understanding of social canine behavior; there are many people well-intentioned, operating dog day care with very little experience with dogs and, in particular, with very little Pit Bull experience. If something does go wrong, whether or not the Pit Bull instigates it, the Pit Bull is usually blamed; every negative incident can result in future problems during dog-dog interactions.
When introducing dogs on leash, make sure that the leashes do not become tangled.  Entangled leashes can increase tension and result in a conflict between dogs. The study involved researchers from the University of Pennsylvania as well as 6,000 dog owners. The researchers say that the bite statistics that have been released in recent years are skewed because most dog bites are not reported.
I thought and heard on Discovery channel that Rottweiler are most aggressive dogs and in some countries they are now allowed as pet. The reason you may have heard that (I doubt it was the Discovery Channel, I couldn’t find anything to support that claim) is that most research into canine aggression up to now has focused on dog bites, but researchers said that data is misleading. For me, it is not the breed, it is the arse behind the leash, if there is a leash a’tall, that shapes a dog. Debbi- Perhaps your daughter could provide proof to the park that her dogs aren’t aggressive. I have been around and worked with and loved many dogs; I found that there are sweet and well mannered chihuahuas and dachshunds, as well as ill-mannered and aggressive ones. These dogs need a firm and loving hand, a committed soul in their owners and the right living arrangements.
Rottweilers are fantastic family dogs, in all honestly, majority of Rotty bites are at the vet. Certain dog breeds were created specifically to be used as guardian’s or for fighting. I have personally been training and rehabilitating dogs for over 15 years( I am over 30 now and began helping my father at 13 because of Baron)and have said for those same number of years that I concider smaller dogs to be more of a threat as far as biting and aggression (not damage) than larger breeds. Our most recent dog came from a pet store.He never snapped at me until he was 16 and a half. I used to work as a vet tech, and can tell you that (in general) the smaller the dog, the bigger the attitude.
Being a rescue and around all types of dogs between doing rescue and grooming and once working at the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha, and various vets… I have never once been even looked at in a wrong way by a Pit bull, a Staffy, and other bully breeds, I have unfortunately while at the NHS been by a Rottie. I think that most of the bunk that comes from any dog being aggressive is the owner behind them. I think a big part of the reason that small breeds are at the top is because of lack of proper training.
People feel that, due to their size, these small breeds do not require proper training – and they are wrong.
I know of very few small dog owners who have invested in proper training, and the behaviour of their dogs reflects that. I work at a shelter and all breeds can be aggressive, but the ones that we have the most problems with are the smaller dogs. I doubt Rich has any dogs and would not understand the unconditional love that dogs offer to their person(s).
Unfortunately, another neighbor who thinks all dogs are evil and trying to kill her cats saw the dog, too.
The pit was placed in my fenced back yard to protect him from getting picked up (she told them he was vicious) and my dogs were placed in the house.
I wish more people who speak against these dogs would do research and actually spend some time getting to know these breeds. Many of the so called dogs on the list for years have changed for the better, the new ones added. I had people in a WalMart parking lot torment and harrass my dogs in my vehicle one fall day.
It is a good point that the larger the dog the more likely the dog is to cause harm, accidentally or purposefully. My point is twofold: 1) dogs identified as pit bulls in negative news stories are often mis-identified but the breed name is always in those headlines anyway and 2) somehow the media seldom manages to mention the name of the breed in the headline when a pittie has done something good. There are 2 differences: RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERSHIP is usually known by owners of those big bad breeds and we train out dogs and socialize them. Big dogs have a bad reputation because owners lack proper judgement and companionship with their pets. I loved them both but one day after my Pitbull bit my other dog (playing around not trying to kill him!), he's been more aggressive after (wasn't rabbies). Later that same day, my Pit attacked my Dad (the one who pretty much owns the dog and snuggles it, the dog was his best friend). The dog itself wasn't bad, he was a sweetie just something in his head went so wrong and it was bad. A precisely designed breast plate is lined with extra thick felt to offer supreme comfort for your dog.
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Here I will describe different dog harnesses types based on functionality and other factors. Assistance dog harness- you should consider this type of harness for the dog whose job is to provide physical or mobility assistance.
Coat harness or vest harness is the type of the harness which is made of cold resistance fabrics and will keep your dogs body warm during those cold winter fun walks. Guide dog harness is specially constructed to be comfortable on the dog and allow handle usage as part of communication between guided person and guide dog.
Rehabilitation dog harnesses are used to help injured dogs to go through therapy period and get well. Assistance dog harness for older dogs is similar to rehabilitation harness and mostly used to help older dogs reach higher ground, get into the vehicle or climb porch or stairs. For wet weather and high humidly climate, please choose nylon dog harness, for dry weather it is less important, both nylon and leather will do. Wire dog muzzle provides your dog with better air flow and your dog can drink with wire muzzle on. I think that you need to consider muzzle which does not disturb your dog at all or at least interferes as less as possible with your dogs eyes and allows a lot of space inside to pant and breath easily.
Just as with muzzle for Vet visit I recommend muzzle which has enough free space for your dog to pant and breath with muzzle on. Young dogs need at least two hours of your time each day.  A well exercised Pit Bull is a happy Pit Bull as well as it's owner! James Serpell, believes that smaller breeds may be more genetically predisposed to aggressive behavior than their larger counterparts. Most dog bites aren’t reported, and because the bites of big dogs are more likely to get reported, they are generally viewed as more aggressive.
If you are a dog person, you already know the small breed dogs have the biggest attitude and are more likely to turn. My terrier mix has always loved people,but hated any other dog other than his sister, our labrador & other small puppies.
As a vet tech I love the breed outside of work, they are good dogs, and great dogs with the right training. The dealers had been trying to make him mean and aggressive; all they succeeded in doing was to make him overly submissive.
I think that’s because the owners did not train the animals, and spoilt the daylights out of them by treating them like toys rather than the dogs they are. He is excellent with most people, sometimes barks or growls at people walking by, has SEVERE seperation anxiety if he sees that I am outside and he is inside, BUT has a major DOG aggression issue especially other males. I’ve lived with both large and small dogs and the smaller dogs were far more aggressive than the larger breeds. When I owned three cocker spaniels (rescues), I found out that cocker spaniels bit more postal workers than any other dog in the uS.
When she came to me, she was terrified of all big dogs, and fear-aggressive towards them because of it. He wanted the food that the other dog (his own brother) was eating and attacked him, so I broke the fight up and he reacted to me. These guys are pampered and spoiled and I call them my children – but when it comes to misbehavior or their well-being, I still understand that they are a DOG and a CAT. My dog is such a good dog that people, who’ve feared pit bulls their whole life, love him, once they try to know him. It has padded chest strap,extra rings on the side,adjustable and very comfortable for the dog. Wide chest strap for comfort, handle on the back of the harness for short control of your dog, durability, extra side rings - this harness has it all for perfect outdoor experience. Since they are lightweight, the dog "feels" off-leash, but you can reach down and give a leash correction by jerking on the pull tab.
Very comfortable and extremely strong, this lead is highly recommended for walking and handling dogs. It is right product for well obedient dogs which have minor behavior issues, such as aggression toward strength dogs, strong prey or hunt drive. You need to make sure that your dogs movement is not limited by harness design, harness for tracking should be lightweight and preferably padded. We make this harness with handle on the top so you can assist your dog when snow is too deep in certain places and you can of course attach leash to the ring which stitched into this harness, therefore no need to bring regular collar.
Military, police, security, search & rescue, patrol and many other working dogs should wear id dog harness as part of working environment regulation.
Some of those harnesses remove tension and pressure from the problematic areas, some of those dog harnesses can be connected to special wheelchair, which helps to allow dogs movement in cases where back legs injuries are involved.
While we make sure to make decorative dog harnesses as functional as possible, by adding better control handle, by making it padded and making it ergonomic for your dogs body, main purpose of those harnesses is to show off your dog and gain appealing looks. You are welcome to contact us so we can assist your better in right dog harness choice based on your budget.

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Most of dog owners use muzzles for Vet visits and those are only occasions where they use muzzles. Those are two very seperate breeds, I happen to own an American Staffy and am tired of being told he’s a pitbull. It’s unfortunate that when they bite, unlike smaller breeds, it turns into a media blitz against the dog and the breed as a whole. I have been working on all his issues and have made progress other than the aggression issue, he has been fixed but being he was 3yrs old he had hit his sexual peak so it is going to be harder to rehab.
Unfortunately many kids and dogs aren’t disciplined properly and that can certainly lead to horrible things happening.
Even though a pit bull might be less aggressive than a dachshund, the larger dog has a much greater capacity to do damage, and therefore is a greater danger. Harness used for assistance mobility is also reinforced with more padding on the breast area to add to dogs comfort.
You can use handle located on the top to help lift your dog on the stairs or to vehicle. Padded dog harness will always cost more, but you might find that price difference is not so big, especially since you invest in dog harness for many years of use.
The main reason is that you must keep your dog muzzled constantly through transportation procedure and for some dogs even the fact of transportation creates enough stress.
I find it funny because she did get into a tussle with a weiner dog, the most aggressive dog breed.
She should do whatever she can to keep her dogs because many shelters have to euthanize pit bulls since they’re hard to place and many cities are banning them. Yet neither my parents,brother, myself or the other dogs we owned ever had to worry about being attacked or injured. I have known my share of pits over the years and not one I would consider aggressive for no reason.
In other studies it would seem that dogs that blood triggers a reaction in is more probably caused from improper breeding methods. Designed so the resistance is on the shoulders and not on the throat our dog harness allows dogs to bark and track in free way and still be restrained enough. The main reason is that harness will not hurt your dog in any way, it will just allow you to keep your dog where want your dog to be using reasonable amount of strength. General durability and sturdiness of the harness depends on whether the dog is leading person gently, acting as a brace for the assisted person or actually pulling a wheelchair.
Please note that most of the time handle can be added to the dog harness and the time of production.
It is the owners who I believe are to be blamed for their dogs actions BECAUSE they do not understand the breed they get, properly exercise them, train and socialize them and MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! I know of another similar issue with another loving Lab who is not fixed even though I have mentioned how it would help and he is now 6 and has attacked another dog.
One of them did attack a boxer, but it was to protect his owner’s friend who was being attacked by said dog after he tried to pet him.
I hate to see some idiot walking his dog with 20 pounds of heavy chain around his neck…or too skinny. The chihuahua has bitten so many people that they muzzle it, whenever they have company and it still tries to bit you (but then all of this person’s dogs have been like that regardless of the breed). Pulling wheelchair might also involve design change toward similar to sled dogs harness structure. As I came into view of the dog I stood back in amazment and watched my father laying on the ground, tossing this VERY large dog back and forth like a rag doll and LAUGHING! My sister has an aggressive yorkie who would go after poor Spike and Spike now is not good with other dogs other than my lab.
It took a lot of love and even more patience before he became the wonderful dog he is today.
For this fun activity you should be very careful and approach it with maximum responsibility for your dog and yourself. Brass fittings have all the positive qualities of the steel nickels plated ones and also known well as good material when it comes to dogs with sensitive skin and high sensitivity to allergic reactions. Consider this, while you are not going to lead your dog using this handle, many times it is the fastest and easiest way to lift your dog securely.
I believe there are truly no bad dogs out, other then those bred for such purpose (but can be rehabbed in most cases if young enough) there just bad people doing wrong by them!
I know of a Wheaton Terrier that is very aggressive – has been away to several trainers, and will come back to the owner and be the same as before it left.
I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world but in my experience small dogs are much more aggressive than large dogs. To better stay in control over trained dog we offer our training harnesses with handle positioned on the top as an option. We were fortunate enough to have this dog for several more years without ANY negative acts to blemish that first wonderful memory. They are lovely natured dogs and they get a long with most other dogs, provided that the other dog isn’t in their yard! Unfortunately those dogs are more likely to be dangerous towards human while being aggressive. A small dog may bite and break skin but a large dog who bites and breaks skin will do more damage. On the other hand, leather pulling harness which is little more bulky is better, natural material for the dog and it also indicates in some way social status of the owner. Certain health and mental disorders can play a role in a dog’s behavior just as in a humans.
The next time he came in contact with another dog, it was trying to attack him while he was watching our house burn. It is amazing that people cry out about civil liberties and Constitutional protection, yet Counties are getting away with outlawing my choice of pets, who are trained to be the best of the best of dog citizens.

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