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This program, "Popsicles for Pups", is an enrichment program focused on kenneled animals located in jurisdictional shelters.
We provide this surgical procedure to folks living in the following areas only: Richmond City, Henrico & Chesterfield. Our adoption fee is due at the BEGINNING of your week trial, and includes spay or neuter, rabies (if of age), vaccinations, worming, microchip and any other medical required for the health of the particular animal.
If you're considering or want to find a new home your pit bull breed dog, click here for more information.

Many municipalities do not have funding for extras; and with the low-kill movement-taking place, this means many animals stay in shelters for longer periods of time. If you live in one of these areas and would like to get your Pit Bull type dog fixed, please complete the online form and one of our volunteers will be in touch with you.Thank you for fixing your companion! If you are interested in this training, read all about it, then click the link and complete the form.
For those of you who are not in these areas, visit our Contact page for a listing of Low Cost Spay and Neuter clinics around the state.

This program is currently being offered at Richmond Animal Care & Control, Powhatan Animal Control, Chesterfield County Animal Services, Dogtopia and Farmers Veterinary Hospital. They will be battling cancer together, comforting each other and staying strong for each other.

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