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A Florida XXL Bully Pit Bull Kennel!Please check the breeding page for updated breedings.Site Updated.
For Tennessee residents who understand the eager-to-please nature of pit bulls that are properly socialized and cared for, there are some pit bull breeders in Tennessee who specifically breed their dogs for temperament, companionship and performance in special shows and events.House of Blues KennelLocated west of Nashville in middle Tennessee, the House of Blues Kennel breeds blue American pit bull terriers and has done so for more than 30 years, according to the House of Blues website.

All of the Camelot dogs and pups are registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC), the National Kennel Club (NKC) or both.Powers Pits R UsLocated in Harriman, Powers Pits R Us breeds blue American pit bulls for agility, strength, temperament and weight pull competitions.

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