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It is important that, whichever breed of dog you choose, you take the time to train it or have it trained for you.
The United States Department of Health collected data from the Humane Society and other sources about dog bites, fatalities and attacks from 1979 through 1998.
The German Shepherd has long been used as a protective dog as well as in military and police situations. Pitbulls, although technically not a recognized breed, are one of the most feared dogs of all. Rottweilers are a powerful breed that was developed for herding and later used for protection.
Of the dog attacks on humans reported in the study, a full 60 percent involved two breeds alone. Either of these breeds are likely to be owned for protective purposes or fighting purposes.
When considering a list of dangerous dog breeds, take all things about the breed into consideration. Einhorn Insurance is proud to offer dog liability insurance to responsible owners of “dangerous” breeds (as labeled by most insurance companies). Many people call us because they are having difficulties finding a place to rent with their dogs. Please click here to GET A QUOTE or complete the form at the bottom of this page so we can help you with dog liability insurance or insurance for your dog. While most insurance companies won’t provide you with canine liability insurance if you own a dog on the “blacklisted” breed list, Einhorn Insurance can. If you’ve been insured with the same insurance company for years, don’t assume your policy includes coverage for your dog(s). Einhorn Insurance has access to a very exclusive and elite policy for dog rescues that work with ALL BREEDS. For more information regarding insurance for your dog, insurance for your rescue or if you are a Landlord whose tenants have dogs, please hit the GET A QUOTE button. Our CBOs (Chief Barking Officers) are looking forward to helping you and your canine family members with dog liability insurance.
Please fill out the information below to receive a free quote and obtain more information regarding Einhorn Insurance's dog liability insurance policies. Based on recent underwriting changes, we may no longer be able to offer coverage in your state or for your dog(s).

For the past 35 years, our firm has handled numerous dog bites and attacks, some involving very serious and permanent injuries.
Last October, Massachusetts legislation banned any breed specific laws within the Commonwealth thereby abolishing all local ordinances which had placed additional restrictions on pit bulls and other such breeds. As the matter between bad dog and bad owner continues to be debated, the news continues to provide us with conflicting stories about these dogs. There are many variables that determine whether or not a dog is dangerous, and breed alone is not a good indicator. If you have children and property, a herding type dog may work better than a small, nervous dog. Although any dog can be dangerous, the following dogs were most often involved in reported attacks.
This is a friendly breed but, like all of the Alaskan working breeds, needs to be busy to stay out of trouble.
Due to their intelligence and activity level, the Pitbull needs a strong handler and, like any dog, should go through obedience training.
There are many Pitbulls that are wonderful with children and many Chihuahuas that are ill mannered and bite.
Einhorn Insurance does NOT agree with the way most insurance companies stereotype strictly by a dog’s breed.
As landlords, we require our tenants have coverage for their dogs and list us as an Additional Insured on their dog liability policy. Meanwhile, insurance companies have been loathing claims involving dogs because dog bite claims account for nearly one third of all homeowner insurance claims. This breed is not great for guarding people or property because of its tendency to trust people.
This distrust of people they don't know can be a problem if the dog is not properly trained. This situation has changed in the past few decades, and responsible breeders are breeding for the positive characteristics of intelligence and playfulness.
These dogs are fiercely independent, and this can cause trouble with owners that are unable to maintain consistent behavioral expectation with them.
Rather than assuming that these two breeds are most likely to attack, however, you must look at how these breeds are handled. Poor training, abuse, neglect and encouragement to be aggressive can cause any breed to become dangerous.

Most of these rescues are focused on the “dangerous” breeds: Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, German Shepherds, Dobermans and Rottweilers. As long as you are a 501(c)3 or have already submitted your application for your 501(c)3 filing, we can help you with a policy for your dog rescue organization. Some breeds, such as the pit bull started to get a bad rap early on as being a breed notorious for aggression and attacking people.
Despite the legislature changings it stance on specific dog breeds, insurance companies refused to follow suit.
It is, however, a very independent breed and will not obey with the unquestioning submission of some breeds. Local ordinances and state laws were enacted to place additional restrictions on these breeds.
This Committee comprised of a former Dog Warden, Directors of The Bermuda Kennel Club, a veterinarian, dog trainers and previous breeders of restricted breeds, previous and current owners of restricted breeds, and representatives of the Animal Control Section of the Department of Environmental Protection. This means that certain dogs that are currently prohibited would now be considered restricted. Dogs in the non-restricted category will have no change in their conditions for keeping, licensing or breeding.The Ministry has accepted all of these recommendations and now will move towards implementation. I also want to state that no retroactive breeders permits will be issued.A Canine Advisory Committee will be maintained to act as the review board for any applications pertaining to the keeping or breeding of restricted breeds. The hunting dogs and dogs used in fights are restricted while family dogs like american bulldogs are prohibited. How does the rhodesian , doberman, rotweiler breeds be allowed but not the american bulldog while it;s big brother the mastiff is allowed. Shepards and Some of the Bull dogs breeds are great as family and guard dogs.I for one am tired of the reports of people getting attack from these dogs, be it on the beach or just walking in thier area where they live. And some on thier own property.All dogs should have to be tagged by law, to link them with the owner or owners so they can be charged accordly incase of an attack or incase for some reason the dog gets lost. And from previously owning a Doberman and Rottweiler myself I will have to disagree with your comment that they are not family dogs.You cannot ban dogs because their owners decide that they want to train them to behave in a dangerous manner! Yes he was a beautiful dog, trained well but animals will be animals and they are unpredictable creatures.

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