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Reports also suggest that this dog was brought at a whopping cost of Rs 9 Lakh (US $ 14,000). Major Woods said that Smith (pictured left with officers) had been warned previously about his dogs and their aggressive behavior, and that police are looking into whether there are possible charges that can be brought against him.
Major Woods said one cop tried to use his Taser on one of the dogs that charged at him but had to resort to lethal force after it had no effect (above responding officers called to the scene on Saturday)Johnson added: 'He didn't deserve to die like that. After attacking his master the canine kept biting the head of the owner till his head was separated from the torso.

He faces 24 years to life when he is sentenced in October."This defendant knew how dangerous these dogs were, and he didn't do anything about it," Deputy District Attorney Ryan Williams said following the verdict. When he did that, he gained attention of at least one of the dogs,' said Woods. 'The dog charged him and jumped in the car. Its a known fact that Pitbull and Rottweiler are listed as the most unpredictable and aggressive breeds of canine. But it's one thing about it, you [John Chester Smith] are going to need to be held accountable for the decision that you made. 'I didn't fool with those dogs and I wasn't aware that he had that many dogs, but I knew he had a couple of them.

In spite of being notorious for their super-aggressive behaviour some people dare to own these dogs with a hope that they can tame these demonic creatures.

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