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PLEASE NOTE: ALL training methods are reward based and we only use positive reenforcement with structure. Currently the menu below is not available as we are setting up new training programs and locations. The final session is done off site, to provide an alternative environment for your dog to learn in.
This can be really helpful for those of you who are out of state and are having training issues. She is the owner and founder of Turnaround Training and a well respected Pit Bull behavior expert.

We will work with you to help manage an overwhelming situation and turn both you and your dogs lives around. You can show us what is going on with your dog and we can demonstrate how to work with the situation using our dogs. If you are a New Orelans local we offer on site private desensitization sessions for you and your dog. Here at our facility we have many Pit Bulls who can be used to help you and your dog become comfortable in the presence of other dogs, all the while teaching you how to handle your dog in this situation. This is a safe and calm environment for your dog to start the process of being relaxed around other dogs.

This interactive workbook will guide you step by step to teach your dog to feel comfortable when left alone.

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