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Operations like the MSPCA have begun awareness campaigns about the safety of pitbulls as pets, amid some public uncertainty about the breed.
For the past year, the Devia family has chosen to be homeless rather than give up their beloved dog.
Animal welfare advocates say this is part of a housing crisis for pit bull owners, with some landlords forcing families to choose between a roof over their heads and their beloved pup.
The Devia family never expected to be in that situation until Carol and her husband were fired from their newspaper delivery job at the same time last year for a breach of security. When the family told their landlord what happened, they were evicted from their apartment, Devia said, noting their savings, credit and stability began dwindling rapidly. After the incident, the family had to go to court, take a class, and pay $500 for three years for a special dog license on top of a $200 per year insurance plan, she said.
For now, Devia said her family spends a lot of time driving back and forth between wooded areas where the dogs can get exercise and parking lots where they can get Wi-Fi and make food with their Crock-Pot plugged into the cigarette lighter. For families who are struggling to find housing that will accept their dog, Reynolds suggest they ask friends for help, post on Craigslist, and talk to rescue organizations.
Worst of all, she said, they couldn't find a new place to live that would let them bring Rocco, the kind of dog that slept next to them every night.
They're working new jobs delivering newspapers at night and sleeping in their car during the day, she said. They can also consider getting an insurance policy on the dog, so any liability doesn't fall to the landlord ­- though so far, that hasn't helped the Devia family.

Fanciful myths about the breed abound, and some public officials have compared their bites to those of sharks and tigers.Since the 1980s, the media have falsely portrayed the pitbull as a bloodthirsty monster, inherently more dangerous than other strong breeds of dog.
But only one is keeping them from moving out of a car that they have been living out of in Walnut Creek, Calif. There is absolutely no factual basis for that narrative, but it's led to a vicious cycle in which people who want a badass dog to fight, or to guard property, or to intimidate rival gangs tend to choose pitbulls (or Rottweilers, another much-maligned breed).
Critics pounced not just on Vick — who was found guilty of torturing animals — but on the perceived danger of pitbulls. It is because pitbulls are disproportionately favored by these kinds of owners that they're responsible for a statistically outsized share of serious attacks on humans. Pitbull rescue and dog adoption centers have worked hard in the intervening years to shore up the reputation of the dogs. Jim Braude and Margery Eagan talked about the MSPCA's efforts to redeem the pitbull in the eyes of the public, to prove the dogs are as safe and loving as any other breed.
The dogs are tested for skittishness, aggression and their ability to differentiate between threatening and non-threatening humans. All are capable of doing damage to humans if they're not properly socialized and supervised.
And we know what makes dogs of any breed more likely to be aggressive.Karen Delise, research director for the National Canine Research Council and author of The Pitbull Placebo, has investigated hundreds of serious dogbite incidents in depth.
The media seem to feed off the idea of monster dogs -- it makes great copy.As Karen Delise details in her book, in the 19th century, bloodhounds were believed to be inherently vicious, having a taste for human blood.

Additionally, many reports of dog attacks conveyed the understanding that aggression was a natural and expected behavior of dogs in certain circumstances.
When an Arizona woman was killed by one or more dogs identified as Labrador retrievers, one local newspaper reported the story. The CDC cited, among other problems, the inaccuracy of dog bite data and the difficulty in identifying dog breeds (especially true of mixed-breed dogs). All BSL laws, even those that stop short of outright bans, result in beloved family pets with no history of behavioral problems being destroyed. The dog court can order truly dangerous animals to be euthanized, but frequently the sentences include things like mandating that owners fix a fence or muzzle their dogs in public.The Good NewsFortunately, attitudes are beginning to change as good humans rally around these wonderful, loyal dogs' defense.
Actor Linda Blair is best known for her role in the The Exorcist, but she now devotes her time to rescuing pitbulls and other unwanted dogs. It's a term for a variety of breeds, including the American pitbull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier and mixes of those dogs.

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