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PHOENIX - We've all seen the horror stories about pit bull attacks, like the tragedy last month in Gilbert when a two year old was killed after he got too close to pit bull mix dogs fighting. Attacks do happen, but Jennifer Mazzocchi with Mayday Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy said if you do meet a mean pit bull, you should know who to blame. It is believed that the three breeds of today, most commonly referred to as Pit Bulls, all began in the seventeenth century, in the British Islands, with the blending of three now extinct breeds…the Bulldog, the Black and Tan Terrier and the Old English White Terrier.
The dogs in this list, like Pit Bull breeds, or any other breed of dog, need love, care, understanding and guidance to become happy healthy family pets.
Pit Bull breeds may share a bloodline with many other dogs but, no other dog breeds, in history, have been as abused or misunderstood as the dogs labeled Pit Bull.

In fact, if the dog involved is found not to be a Pit Bull, the story may never run, or they report, a dog bite, no breed mentioned. Below you will find a list of dogs often misidentified as Pit Bulls and a link to test your own identification abilities.
The fear and unfairness surrounding the Pit Bull breeds, is due solely to their exploitation by man and media. When a dog bites, someone at the scene may say they thought it was or it might have been, a Pit Bull. The misidentification is never made public, people, having heard the report, continue to fear Pit Bulls and the prejudice against these dogs just keeps growing.

Each, with distinct differences, size, weight, physical features, yet all called Pit Bulls due to an ancient bloodline.

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