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In the 10-year period from 2005 to 2014, pit bulls killed 203 Americans and accounted for 62% of the total recorded deaths (326). Mechanicsburg, PA - Back in January, Gary Wilkes wrote to asking for permission to use one of the most powerful images posted to the website in a forthcoming article about pit bulls.
The article clearly explains why the pit bull problem is unconditionally linked to dogfighting. Wilkes, an acclaimed behaviorist, trainer and author with over 30 years experience with dogs, begins the piece by describing the unprovoked pit bull attack on little Charlotte Blevins.
Additionally, according to lovers of the breed, Pit Bulls have a very slow fuse and you really have to go out of your way to provoke one.
A History of Violence"The reality is that from the beginning of the breed, several hundred years ago, it was steeped in terrible violence -- much to the pleasure of its creators.
It's All About How You Train Them"The knee-jerk response to serious Pit Bull attacks invariably focuses, not on their roots, but on their training. What to Do About It"If you think I've laid out a biased case against Pit Bulls, you're right. What Will Be, Will Be"No other breed in America is currently bred for fighting, in such great numbers as the American Pit Bull Terrier.
1Pro-pit bull groups, such as Bad Rap and Animal Farm Foundation memorialize and "glorify" the pit bull's history of dogfighting by depicting old photographs of a bygone era, websites and online forums do as well.

2Hogwash refers to the many arguments and claims pro-pit bull groups make to distort and sugar coat the breed's true genetic underpinnings. 3It must be noted that of the 10 fatal pit bull maulings so far in 2010, 90% (9) were committed by pet pit bulls upon family members (only 2 instances involved the victimized family member not living within the dog's household).
Here's yet another piece in the arsenal to dispute pit myths and erroneous claims that spout like mushrooms in comment threads following pit attacks. The photograph shows Wendy Blevins and her daughter in an emergency room just after a pit bull ripped off a third of her daughter's scalp. Upon viewing the cover, we knew it was not going to be an ordinary article about pit bulls.1 The contents were so finely woven together with the genetic and behavioral traits of pit bulls and pieces of the Wilkes family history -- his grandfather was a dog fighter -- that we were left breathless by completion.
This attack sent shock waves through the heartland of America and 3-months later, moved the City of Omaha to adopt a breed-specific law. The drunk tripped over a chain -- a simple mistake -- and lost a leg to Caesar, my grandfather's favorite pit dog. The ancient Roman blood-sports of bull baiting, bear baiting and dog fighting were still popular in 19th Century England. Besides being the descendant of a pit fighter, I spent eight years working in shelters and animal control agencies. It is rare to see the multi-layered issue of the pit bull problem compressed into a single narrative and penned by an award-winning writer.

Primarily they claim that genetics -- selective breeding to attack without reservation -- is irrelevant in the pit bull argument and that only environmental issues, such as, "It's all in how you raise 'em!" matter.
Apparently, 90 years later, America is no better able to solve this problem than small-town Mississippi.
This is meant to persuade the listener that the devil is in each dog's private history and not their blood. For three years of that time I routinely caught, impounded and attempted to control Pit Bulls as a field officer.
Upon reading the Wilkes piece, one will find that the pit bull problem is only complex due to listening to pro-pit bull groups instead of listening to one's own common sense: Pit bulls are dangerous and the public deserves protection from them.
What may have been true in the early 1900s, pit bulls rarely killing family members, particularly small children, is not true today. If the goal of a community is to protect people from dog attacks, merely outlawing Pit Bulls isn't going to fix the problem.
This trend has been in place since the "leakage period," (1975-1979) when pit bulls leaked from the tight-knit dogfighting community and began being bred indiscriminately by gangs, drug operatives and pit bull fanciers.

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