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Throughout the past few decades, reporters, politicians, attorneys, physicians, and others have made claims that pit bulls have the bite force ranging from 1200 pounds per square inch to 1800 psi and up to 2600 psi. A fighter like Pitbull will make a quickie out of a German Shepherd , Rotties , Dobermans + any of those wussies. Not only that but the pittbull has a huge pain tolerance from being a fighting dog, so taking it down would be a hard job.

Brady Barr of the National Geographic performed a bite force study that included domestic dogs.
However it should be noted that depending on the motivation to bite and how hard the animal chooses to bite, the psi will vary and it is hard to tell the full force of an animals’ bite. A bite sleeve equipped with a specialized computer instrument was used to measure and record the results.

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