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Operations like the MSPCA have begun awareness campaigns about the safety of pitbulls as pets, amid some public uncertainty about the breed.
JJ, a muscular, 84-pound pit bull, spent an afternoon last week playing football with five children ages 1 to 16 and a Chihuahua, in his owner, Tammy Sterzinger's, Marshfield backyard.
Sterzinger described JJ as four-legged member of the family who loves going for walks, chewing on ropes, swimming and sleeping. Fanciful myths about the breed abound, and some public officials have compared their bites to those of sharks and tigers.Since the 1980s, the media have falsely portrayed the pitbull as a bloodthirsty monster, inherently more dangerous than other strong breeds of dog.
There is absolutely no factual basis for that narrative, but it's led to a vicious cycle in which people who want a badass dog to fight, or to guard property, or to intimidate rival gangs tend to choose pitbulls (or Rottweilers, another much-maligned breed). Critics pounced not just on Vick — who was found guilty of torturing animals — but on the perceived danger of pitbulls.

It is because pitbulls are disproportionately favored by these kinds of owners that they're responsible for a statistically outsized share of serious attacks on humans.
Pitbull rescue and dog adoption centers have worked hard in the intervening years to shore up the reputation of the dogs. Jim Braude and Margery Eagan talked about the MSPCA's efforts to redeem the pitbull in the eyes of the public, to prove the dogs are as safe and loving as any other breed.
According to the United Kennel Club, sometime in the 19th century European breeders began crossing various terriers with bulldogs in search of a breed that had the former's enthusiasm and the latter's stamina and strength. And we know what makes dogs of any breed more likely to be aggressive.Karen Delise, research director for the National Canine Research Council and author of The Pitbull Placebo, has investigated hundreds of serious dogbite incidents in depth. All BSL laws, even those that stop short of outright bans, result in beloved family pets with no history of behavioral problems being destroyed.

Actor Linda Blair is best known for her role in the The Exorcist, but she now devotes her time to rescuing pitbulls and other unwanted dogs. It's a term for a variety of breeds, including the American pitbull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier and mixes of those dogs.

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