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Originally known as "Black Lotus", and then "True Crime: Hong Kong", Sleeping Dogs is an open-world action game that tells the story of undercover cop Wei Shen as he infiltrates the ranks of the murderous Triads in Hong Kong. Dogs seem to sleep wherever they choose, whether it is in their bed, on the furniture, in a crate, a basket or on your bed.
Counting all their little naps and snoozes, most dogs get an average of fourteen hours of sleep per day; puppies average more sleep time.

I just got back from Thailand and it's sad to see all the mangy dogs running around the streets.
Here's an embedded videoThen again this stream is like a million times better, sorry other Sleeping Dogs. As evidence I offer a photographic proof of dogs sleeping outside of Thailand.If these dogs are capable of sleeping in Thailand, then it is not necessary to put stray dog in Thailand for stray dog to sleep.

Dogs can get accustomed to daylight hours the same as humans, keeping active throughout the day and sleeping throughout the night.

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