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Dogwood flowers are of the genus Cornus – a cosmopolitan plant that is mostly made up of deciduous trees and shrubs – which consists of 30 to 50 different species, and is in the family cornaceae.
Dogwood flowers have found their way into a good deal of legend, and have also long been touted for their many uses. I have one of the largest flowering pink dogwoods in the country in my own backyard, measuring about 40 feet tall by 40 feet wide. A wild mutant flower - all the flower clusters on this tree had six pink bracts instead of four white ones. The head of the dogwood appears in a small cluster which is surrounded by four large bracts, or modified leaves, and tends to be about 2 inches in diameter when in full bloom.

One of the better known legends – which is still of unknown origin – states that the dogwood plant was once the size of an oak tree, and was considered one of the largest trees in Jerusalem. Traditionally, the dogwood comes in a white hue; however, they may also occasionally be seen in pink, yellow and red.
The bark of the dogwood was used as timber for crucifixions, and from one such cross Jesus was hanged. These flowers may also be given for a number of other symbols, such as sacrifice, regeneration, and enduring love.
Many species of dogwood flowers have opposite leaves, while just a handful may have alternate leaves.

All dogwoods carry fleshy stone fruit, but only a few are edible to humans – others, though, may be faintly toxic.

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