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Generally having 2 dogs makes their lifestyles better, since they can interact with you as a human, and with another dog for other kind of interaction that’s different from the one you can offer. In most cases all breeds of dogs get along with each other, and having 2 or more dogs, helps them feel better, since they will play together and do stuff that a single dog can’t do. If you can afford two or more dogs, and know if they’ll get along, the best thing you can do is to have them. Perhaps most importantly, when exposing your dog to a group of other dogs (some of whom will be unfamiliar) you should be as confident as possible that your dog is not likely to behave aggressively. Aggression can be a tricky term to define, and any even trickier thing for pet parents to acknowledge as a problem in their own dogs. For example, I just worked with a dog last week who consistently gets into scuffles with brachycephalic or pushed-faced dogs such as Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers.

While mounting is a normal dog behavior, excessive mounting is something that may cause issues in a play group even in the dogs are spayed or neutered. While people are discouraged from bringing their own toys to groups, sometimes, especially at public dog parks, dogs will have access to communal toys.
This way he or she is less likely to over stimulate the other dogs in the group upon entering. Two dogs in a fight is scary and dangerous, but when a group of dogs gets over stimulated and involved it can be far worse. While kids can have fun watching dogs play, it can be hard for them not to become excitable around dogs. If you know there are particular dogs or types of dogs whom your own dog does not play well with, then excuse yourself and your dog from the group until you feel the mix is right.

The dynamic of a group of dogs is constantly changing due to the types of dogs and to the overally energy of the group which changes as much as the dynamic at a cocktail party. If your dog has an issue with this, then it might be best to plan play dates with dogs that he or she is not as likely to mount excessively. This can be frightening and therefore potentially dangerous when their are dogs who are not comfortable with children.
Dog play groups are for dogs and we should do all we can to set them up for a safe, fun play time.

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