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Once you reach out and say 'this is what I want,' the company is very good at developing a career path to help you reach those goals.
We recently donated $10,000 to Rainbow Therapy Group, a homegrown organization dedicated to teaching, training, and developing therapy dogs for those in need. Whether you're a devoted pet parent or simply an animal lover, here you'll find a company that truly supports its associates and empowers them to succeed at every stage of their career.
Our PetSmart Services give you the opportunity to provide hands-on care in our grooming salon, PetsHotel, and dog-training program.
When you sign up for our Grooming Academy, you'll complete a 12-week course that includes over 400 hours of supervised technical and safety training.
At PetSmart, we make sure to channel that inspiration and give back to the pet population and to our community. Whether you're assisting customers on the floor, pampering pets in our salon, or training a new puppy, we'll support you every step of the way. Through our Salon Academy and Instructor Accreditation Program, we'll teach you everything you need to know to become an expert pet stylist, trusted pet sitter, or master dog trainer. By undergoing extensive training in our Grooming Academy, you'll learn proper styling techniques and services best suited for specific breeds.

Because we pride ourselves on having the highest safety standards in the industry, PetSmart requires every dog and cat groomer to be safety certified every year. As a Pet Trainer, you'll take part in our Pet Training Instructor Accreditation Program to learn proven techniques developed by leading dog trainers and animal behaviorists. As a Guest Service Associate in our PetsHotel, you'll greet guests with a smiling face and welcome their pets for an overnight stay or Doggie Day Camp session. With your multi-unit retail expertise and your excellent leadership abilities, you can help us drive our business forward as we help you grow your career. RTG also brings their therapy dogs to local libraries for a special story time with pets and children. PetSmart donates in-store space for each center, PetSmart Charities funds the building costs, and a local animal welfare organization runs the center, cares for the pets and manages all the adoptions. Whether you're assisting customers on the floor, pampering pets in our salon, or training a new puppy, we’ll support you every step of the way. With your passion for pets and commitment to helping others, you'll thrive in our challenging, energy-filled stores, while continually growing through unique training and development programs. With your magnetic personality, extensive knowledge of our products and services, and passion for helping others, you'll succeed in our exciting store environment while continually growing through unique training and development programs.

As a Groomer Trainee, you'll interact with dogs and cats every day, combining your passion for pets with a promising career in our Grooming Salon.
When you complete the course, you'll emerge as a trusted Accredited Dog Trainer specializing in dog behavior and learning theory. With your love for animals and your strong dedication to helping others, you'll thrive in a culture built on recognition, collaboration and managers who truly care about your success—all while our pets continuously inspire you to go further in your career. We offer a variety of training and development resources to help give you what you need to succeed. We also have unique training and development programs to help you grow in your career at PetSmart. From preparing dogs for bathing, to trimming their nails, and cleaning their ears, you'll play an invaluable role in helping our pets look their best and keeping our pet parents satisfied. With your multi-unit retail experience and strong customer service focus, you'll help us grow our services and drive our sales, as we help you grow your career in a challenging, fun and rewarding environment.

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