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Like the harness but I cannot find a dog food my 11 month old Frenchie will eat, any recommendations. Petsafe will instantly, painlessly and effectively make leash walking more pleasant and safe for you and your dog! Our puppy trainer recommended this and it was the first harness we put on our 3 month old pup. No matter what type of collar(s) you choose, make sure that each one has a D-ring on it so you can attach the dog’s tags including registration, rabies, and identification.

Retractable leads sometimes extend to as long as 30-feet which can be valuable when you are teaching your dog to stay.  It allows you to be a fair distance from your dog while still keeping the animal from bolting.
Chain leashes are not recommended because they can easily become entangled in the dog’s fur. If fashion dictates that you just have to have a bedazzled leash, make sure the gems and jewels are sewn in securely so the dog doesn’t chew them off and choke on them. Measure the circumference of your dog's chest by placing the tape measure all the way around the widest part of the chest (rib cage), a couple of inches behind the front legs. When you want to keep your dog closer to you, simply push a button on the retraction housing, and the excess length is rolled up.  You can then lock the roller mechanism when the desired length of cable is retracted.

I first spotted the harness in PetSmart, but yours sell for about $5.00 cheaper, even with the shipping. We had tried a different type of harness on our golden that went over his nose, and he totally objected to wearing it.

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