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Treatment can be tricky too, often needing an anaesthetic while we attempt to locate and safely remove the offending seed. Freshly grown pet grass is chock full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are typically lacking in your pets diet.
There are key differences between Priscilla’s Kitty Grass and normal grass found in the outdoors.
Priscilla’s Kitty Grass sells both live cat grass, cat grass seed kits and refill pet grass seed. It’s the time of year we see lots of dogs, and a few cats, with problems caused by a grass seed getting lodged in some part of their anatomy.

It’s a natural instinct for cats, dogs, birds and other small animals such as guinea pigs to chew and eat grass as a supplement for their diet. Typical lawn grass is tough in texture with chemicals and dust on them which may cause your pet to get sick. Decorative planters for every type of home decor are also available for the pet grass kits.
Cat grass is a healthy alternative to eating houseplants and flowers, some of which are deadly poisonous. It’s important to provide your dog, bird, guinea pig or hamster with the proper type of pet grass for optimal wellness.

Check your pet carefully after a walk in potential grass seed areas, paying particular attention to the eyes, ears and between the toes. Groom long-haired pets regularly to remove grass seeds from their coats and prevent them burrowing into the skin.

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