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As you might know from reading my blog, I share my apartment with four pet rats and three pet mice. This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. Also, as you mention, improper housing can quickly lead to behavior issues, such as fighting between animals.
Pets often enjoy having other animals around, even if they aren’t of the same species. I have a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas and currently own Texas Animal Training, an animal training and consulting business in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Diseases and disorders commonly seen in pet mice include infectious diseases, injuries due to trauma, and problems related to nutrition and aging.
Bacterial infections of the digestive system are not common in mice kept as pets, although they occur frequently in breeding or research colonies.
Like bacterial infections, viral infections of the digestive system are seen more commonly in colonies of mice than in mice kept as pets. Some of the most common health problems in pet mice are disorders affecting the skin or fur. To control the spread of infection, other household pets should be checked for ringworm and treated if needed.
Under normal conditions mites are present in small numbers and do not bother their host; however, their numbers increase when the mouse is stressed, has decreased immunity due to other illnesses, or is unable to keep the numbers reduced by normal grooming.
Infestations of blood-sucking lice are common in wild mice, but are rarely seen in pet mice.
Rodent fleas are uncommon in pet mice, but are sometimes seen if pets come into contact with wild rodents.

Mousepox infection is a highly contagious viral disease of mice that was only recently recognized in the United States. There are several parvoviruses that can infect mice, including mouse parvovirus and minute virus of mice. Tumor development in mice is dependent on various factors, including the breed of mouse, environment, age, and infection by viruses that cause cancer.
Rats and mice make great pets, as they are fairly low maintenance when compared to a dog or a cat.
So, it’s extra important to know your species and to get to know your individual pets, before introducing a new animal to your household.
I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership.
On this site I share stories of my animal training adventures, information about the science of animal training and behavior, and tips to help you improve your training.
Therefore it is important that you provide proper regular care for your pet, including monitoring for illness.
Human beings will not be affected if their pet mice have these lice, because the lice do not cross over from one animal or species to another. Washing your hands before and after every contact with your mouse and its cage will help prevent the spread of this disease. Most pets, whether it’s a rat, dog, cat, or bird, enjoy having another animal as a buddy, especially if they spend most of the day at home without people around.
Getting a second pet can give your first pet a friend who will keep her engaged, both physically and mentally.
Keeping your mouse's home clean and ensuring early treatment of the infection are the only ways that you can fight this disease.

Because the mouse chews the hair so close to the skin, it gives the appearance of being clean-shaven, hence the term barbering.
Pet mice are rarely infected unless they came from a colony where the members were infected. Mice can become infected at a pet store by contact with other infected rodents (rats and hamsters) or from contact with urine or feces from infected wild rodents. The disease is diagnosed by identifying worms or their eggs in infected feces or on the area around the anus of the mouse. Ringtail is diagnosed through medical history and signs; however, it is not common in mice kept as pets.
Stress, boredom, and even heredity can lead to this behavior, and mice sometimes barber themselves. Follow your veterinarian's advice regarding medication, supportive care for your pet, and cage cleaning needs.
If barbering occurs because of the presence of a dominant mouse, the dominant animal should be removed for the well-being of the other cage mates. Consult your veterinarian regarding supportive care for an infected mouse and control of the disease.

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