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For little girls that spent hours playing with their Littlest Pet Shop figurines, working diligently every birthday and holiday to add to their collection, the new online version of this childhood favorite is sure to please. Nostalgia sets in right at the registration process, where users can create their own personalized animal avatar before moving on to play a variety of fun, age-appropriate games.
The site allows users to add their physical collection to the virtual world, including any past items as well as new ones, each of which comes with a product code that you can enter onto Littlest Pet Shop Online. With every addition to your collection, you get to unlock amazing apps, games, and other products.
Littlest Pet Shop Online is a virtual world where you get to create your own animal avatar and then go on to play a bunch of fun, different games with other users, all in a super-safe, friendly environment.

About UsWe provide information about available social and multiplayer games, suitable for tweens. On this website you can find various reviews of kids online virtual worlds, including pet games, fashion games and games with chat rooms.
Rescue Pets Swim to me PuppyPopular HandheldCute and playful puppy that begins to swim when placed in water. Sea Monkey PetPopular ToysGet the perfect kit to hatch, grow and show your Sea Monkey pets.
Girls still playing with the latest toys or even those who’ve grown out of childhood paraphernalia yet are still eager to revisit childhood favorites will love Littlest Pet Shop Online!

Combining real toys and the virtual world, Littlest Pet Shop is fantastic for girls of any age who are just looking to have fun!

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