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I have written before about the Freakish Anime Floating Panda Pet, and virtual pet training in Second Life. At Dogland Park, we have extended our services to make owning an sl pet more fun and easier.
PetWorld 3D lets you raise adorable virtual pet avatars that can vary from hamsters to guinea pigs, and from bunnies to cats or dogs.

Drukey the Dragon is a pet Chinese Dragon that is in pursuit of rescuing her Princess Pearl. Developed by Tivola Publishing GmbH, this is a slow and steady game that revolves around raising virtual pets. Most of these animals have been undernourished and have never been cared for, and the onus of responsibility is on you, the user, to nurture your pet back to health.

What is certain is that many Linden Lab veternas remain serious about taking the best content in Second Life, and bringing it out to the wider online world.

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