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The names in our annual list of the top 10 petfood manufacturers (Figure 3) may remain the same as in years past, but not all global petfood giants have escaped the effects of the economic meltdown, according to data from Euromonitor. Vital stats: Mars Petcare launched the Power of Pets program in 2010, a new community-focused initiative. Vital stats: This Brazilian manufacturer diverged into two companies, Brazilian Pet Foods and Nutriara, in January 2010. Vital stats: Total Alimentos announced during Interzoo 2010 that ANFAL-PET, the petfood trade association in Brazil, was working with Brazilian petfood companies to develop a new sustainability program that will be part of a certification program.
The November 2015 issue of Petfood Industry covers Kormotech, a Ukrainian pet food manufacturer that has set its sights on dominating the pet food industry in Ukraine while simultaneously increasing its visibility in the global market. Some companies gained, others lost and others managed to maintain, but all have had to learn to adapt and rebound in this difficult economy.The following is a breakdown of the highest grossing petfood manufacturers internationally, based on 2009 data provided by Euromonitor International.

The company is collaborating with YMCAs in cities across the US to bring pet-friendly health, education and programming to communities. The new plant is now producing Hill's Prescription Diet and Hill's Science Plan petfood for Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. As part of P&G's strategy to grow responsibly, P&G Pet Care will work towards a long-term environmental vision that includes only sourcing sustainble fish for cat foods.
The pet products segment of the company recently announced an increase of 2.6% over net sales in the same period (second quarter) last year. The Japanese company also makes both lists for the top 10 cat food and dog food launches for 2010, according to data from Mintel. Nutriara is the holding company in the agreement and the company name will be used for several years until Brazilian Pet Foods is well established.

The strong spending comes amid price increases in nearly every petfood category, the result of rising costs of fuel, ingredients and transportation for manufacturers.
Please refer to Figures 1-5 for more specific information such as the fastest growing companies and the top companies for dog and cat food launches in the past year. Affinity has an 11% market share of the dry petfood sector in the EU, behind Nestle (29%) and Mars (18%). The company recently released several new lines of treats for dogs and cats and an innovative line of "soup meals" for pets.

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