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Doves - Pigeons ArticlesDoves - Pigeon CareDove and Pigeon Care has bird information for pet pigeons and types of doves. Enter your Freshwater Aquarium Enter parameters for your Freshwater Aquarium to get compatibility information while browsing.Fish FinderSearch our database for compatible pets! Vriends, a world reknown expert in tropical orthinology and aviculture, gives us some very insightful information about pigeon breeds and types of doves. Pigeon and Dove Shape: Doves and pigeons generally fall into one of two body types, those with a long slender body and those that are short and plump. A wide variety of pet doves, as well as pet pigeons and and show pigeons, can be found in the pet industry and through breeders.

Unlike the larger birds, many of the small doves have very poor homing instincts and will not do well if released outside. If they are new to the dovecot, you can put a mesh cover around it until they become familiar with their accommodations. Putting small doves, like the domestic White Dove and Ringneck Dove, in a free flight situation could mean the loss of your pet. This is the ideal pet as it will become quite tame and devoted while wild doves and pigeons generally remain cautious and on their guard. Many doves and pigeons are not easily sexed though there are a few species that are dimorphic, having distinctive markings differentiating the male from the female.

An ailing dove or pigeon should be taken to a avian veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

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