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I was reading the newspaper over dad’s shoulder the other day, (Yes – we dogs can read!  It’s turning the pages we have trouble with … but that’s another story!) and guess what I learned:  this week is Pet Appreciation Week!
As you can imagine, this is convenient for me and my 4-legged friends.  Now I think that every week should be Pet Appreciation Week, but sometimes humans have trouble remembering … so it’s nice to have a whole week for us to remind them.
Make sure your pet is eating the right food!  Food is very important to me, and I always let dad know if I’m unhappy in this department.  But that’s me, and I know not all pets are as vocal as I am about their food. The  ID should contain the pet’s name, address and phone number and should be fastened to the collar on a secure metal ring.

Today is the start of National Pet ID Week and is a good time to make sure all your pets have the proper ID.
If your pet already has ID, take a few moments this week to make sure the information is current and legible. As you’re checking your pet’s ID, ensure all information is correct and legible.  It is also wise to have your pet microchipped as an added safeguard, should your pet get lost. If you need new tags, now is a good time to get them while you wait at your closest Chuck & Don’s store.

The microchip, which is implanted under your pet’s skin, contains your contact information, which is then placed in a registery.

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