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Pets that soil in the house, refuse to come when called, or show aggression to their owners or others often leave their owners frustrated and discouraged. Consult your Pacific Animal Hospital professionals for information, advice, and resources that will assist you in working with your pet.
Please understand that these are general guidelines to apply to common pet owner experiences. His book was a model for military training throughout the world and is still used today for many military, police and service dog training programs.
It wasn’t until the 1950’s that training dogs to be compatible household pets actually developed with sub-urbanization.
Today you find many training facilities for our beloved pets because a happy well behaved pet is what most families’ desire.
For more training, seek out the help of a professional dog training facility.  Do your research first and be sure to visit the facility to view how the animals are treated, how clean the facility is and how people and animals interact with one another. Our behavior modification and training programs assist you with changing unwanted behaviors you’re experiencing with your dog.

Having All-American K-9′s experienced and knowledgable trainers assisting you and your family modify unwanted behavior in the family pet is the best choice for keeping your sanity and being sure your dog stays HAPPY and well behaved.
Our BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION System is priced at your convenience as One individual lesson at your home for only $375.00 (This includes the remote-collar and the price of the first lesson). Our professional staff offers more than 45 years of experience in guiding pet owners in addressing behavioral issues and training concerns.
Simple techniques for basic training can be used to help pet owners and, as a result, enhance the human–animal relationship. We can help determine if there is a physical issue that is causing problem behaviors, such as a urinary tract infection or intestinal parasites, or if basic training techniques would be useful. At Pacific Animal Hospital, we discuss your pet training successes and challenges at each wellness visit and offer guidance to pet owners who struggle with pet behavioral concerns. We blog about all things animals, from the best way to insure your pet, to the latest in the pet world!
Schedule an appointment to have us come out to your home, and evaluate your dog and consult you on what steps to take to reach your goals of having a great pet.

The foundation of our training and behavior shaping is from years of training elite Police dogs and Working Dog Sports, where precision and reliability is essential.
Even changes in the make-up of your family or a move to a new home can cause a behavioral change in a pet. We work with you to find the cause of your pet’s misbehavior and offer solutions and resources to assist you in restoring a positive relationship with your animal companion. Happy dogs know where they are in a pack, creating conflict and giving mixed signals of who is the Alpha can lead to undesirable behavior from your family pet.

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