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The Pet Dreams Ortho-Bliss line is the only orthopedic memory form dog bed that is tested and certified to NIST and ASTM standards. All of our Ortho-Bliss orthopedic memory foam pet beds are filled with 100% memory foam clusters and absolutely no cheap fillers.
Our Ortho-Bliss memory foam dog beds are designed to fit all dog crates while the removable cover is machine washable and dryer friendly.

To prevent shifting, flattening, and lumps, our orthopedic memory foam dog beds have patent pending unique interior channels to keep the foam clusters in place. While many other so-called orthopedic dog beds are made with cheap and unsupportive egg crate foam, Ortho-Bliss is made with 100% recycled memory foam clusters and is scientifically proven to support 45% more weight for superior comfort and support.
Regardless what dog bed you're looking for we are sure to have a pet bed to meet your needs.

We ship our pet beds factory direct for fast delivery and so we can offer our dog beds at the best possible price.

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