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Replace those noisy, metal or plastic ID tags with one of these beautiful personalized leather dog collars!
In case the custom leather dog collars on this page are not what you're looking for, have a look at all our different categories: from leather to nylon, from simple and cheap to fancy and haute couture - click here! These padded leather collars are made with top quality bridle leather, durable padding and a rivet-on nameplate with lifetime guaranteed engraving.
Whether you are looking for the latest in doggie fashion or trying something new, you will love our wide selection of personalizable dog collars. Whether you have a boy dog or a girl dog, a small dog or a large dog, we have a dog collar for you. Custom dog name collars and matching leashes in a bling bling style and in wide range of colors and prices. In case these bling bling designer dog collars are not what you're looking for, have a look at all our different doggie collar categories: from leather to nylon, from simple and cheap dog collars to fancy, cool, fashionable, designer collars and haute couture! Not only are custom collars nice to look at, they also add a little extra safety for your pet in case they run off or get lost. Although these bling covered collars would be perfect for even the toughest dog, they only come in small or extra small. Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dog LoversThere is nothing wrong with thinking of your pets before others on Valentine's Day.
This customized embroidered dog collar may look plain, but it’s simple and effective. Not only is the reflective collar great when you walk you dog, if he or she gets loose it makes them more easy to spot at night. These are also pretty simple ones, and they come with a very simple price for those that can’t afford a more pricey collar. If you take your dog hunting with you it’s likely you have some orange gear for them already.
Even though it has no bling, this is the perfect collar for anyone that wants their dog to look smart and fancy. If you spend any time hiking or climbing out in the great outdoors with your dog, you may want a special collar that doubles as a safety device.
If you are looking for a more simple tag to customize your current dog collar with, this is the one for you. If your daughter is anything like mine, she’ll love a nice, shinny collar for our cat, Muffins. High fashion, luxury designer dog collars.In soft pastel baby pink, in fuchsia, in hot pink, in deep pink, bright colored, in light and in dark pink colors, and in a subtile hues. 4 Row Swarovsky Crystals Pink Dog CollarFour rows of high quality Pink Swarovski Crystals on a pink leather dog collar. Pink Leather Dog Collar with Swarovsky CrystalsRandomly placed Pink Swarovski Crystals on a pink leather dog collar, from Diamond Dogs UK. Extra Wide Dog Collarfor Big and Huge Dogssee larger pictureA Dean and Tyler Dog Collars best seller, suitable for big dogs and huge dogs.
Hot Pink Leather Dog Collar with Buttonsfor Big Dogssee larger pictureMade from soft Italian leathers with stylish and unusual embellishments. Pink Leather Collar with Swarovsky OctagonUpscale Sweet Pink Patent Leather dog collar with Rose Swarovski octagon and Clear Swarovski crystal surround, from the Haute Couture Octagon collection. Daisy Diamonds Jeweled Dog CollarSweet pink high fashion luxury leather dog collar, with sixteen Swarovski crystals in each collar. Pink Lambskin Dog Collar, Crystallyzed™ SwarovskyPink Princess dog collar, by by Chien Coature. Chien Couture Dog Collar and LeashShowed by a lovely Maltese, the Chien Coature "Princess" dog collar and leash. 4 Rows Swarovsky Crystals Pink Dog Collars, TaperedFour rows of high quality Pink Swarovski Crystals on a pink leather dog collar. Pitbull Terrier wearing the hot pink Rose dog collar, from BowHaus NYCThe flower is set in Austrian Crystals. Luxury Designer Fancy Dog Collar - Big LoveSuper bling rhinestone heart(s)on a leather dog collar with nickel finish hardware and rhinestone buckle. Small dog wearing the hot pink Birdie dog collar, from BowHausNYCwith Austrian Crystals, enameled bird and enamel flowers. Custom Made Collar and Leashsee larger pictureMade from extremely soft nappa leather, with beautiful strass stones.

Pink Dog Collar and Leash with Butterfliessee larger pictureThe butterfly collection is a fresh new approach to glamour and color. Leather Flowers on Leather Designer Dog Collarsee more pictures"Emma" flowers are a true form of luxury. Swarovsky Crystal Dog Collars 'Duet'see larger pictureAvailable in 12 colors, among which cotton candy pink, and bubble gum pink. Swarovsky Crystals on Pink Leather Dog Collarssee larger pictureCotton Candy (top) with rose pink and clear crystals; Bubble Gum (bottom) with clear and pink crystals.
Pink Leather Studded Dog Collarssee larger pictureBubble Gum pink (top) eyelets and studs dog collar; Candy Cotton pink (top) eyelets and studs studded dog collar. Swarovsky Crystal Dog Collar 'Cluster'see larger pictureAvailable in 6 colors, among which cotton candy pink, and bubble gum pink. Genuine Lizard Skin Dog CollarHot pink luxury dog collar, genuine lizard skin, by designer Adrea Levine. Skulls and Bling Designer Dog CollarSkulls and bling combined, for tough dogs and owners, with a warm and big heart!
Snakeskin Dog Collar Cubic Zirconia in PinkCreated for those of distinction who adore their dogs, Weihzi designer collars are made from the finest materials, including exotic skins such as snake and crocodile. Laser engraved name plates with your specified text and font, riveted right on to your dog's new personalized collar. We will install the nameplate at the center of the collar so it sits right on the back of your dog’s neck.
With eleven beautiful colors to pick from and sizes available for all dog breeds, shapes and sizes, you are sure to find just the right collar to match your dog's personality.
Matching personalized leather dog collars and leads in hiquest quality leather, english bridle leather. Black, Tan, and Chestnut Brown English bridle leather and ivory nylon stitching for durability and looks.The looks and durability of a handcrafted English bridle leather dog collar with a personalized stainless steel nameplate built right into the collar. Hand beveled edges, solid brass D rings and buckles, and hand polished brass plates makes this collar a true beauty. We have pink collars, blue collars, yellow collars, red collars, any color you can imagine. Choose between metallic faux leather collars (pictured left, bottom) or faux croc collars (picture left, top). Roll the dice and add the 10mm Crystal Bling letters to this awesome faux snake skin dog collar for a dazzling and lustrous look any pooch and owner will love! Bling bling fashion collars for teacup and tiny dogs; chihuhua, yorkie, maltese, pekingese, papillon, pomeranian, miniature poodle, toy poodle, miniature schnauzer, or a shih tzu, dachshund. We have nylon dog collars, leather dog collars, fabric dog collars, in any style, color or pattern you can imagine! If you have a dog that likes to get dirty this may be a better choice than something with bling. This reflective collar will help keep both you and your dog safe when walking early mornings or after dusk. Not only is this a safe collar, you also get the chance to make it yourself with this DIY kit that comes with a personalized tag. My daughter loves to bedazzle everything she owns, but I haven’t let her do the cat collar, yet. Pastel pink Italian lambskin leather collar faced with rich rose velvet and beautiful tones of Crystalyzed™ Swarovski elements, brass side release clasp and D-ring. Chien Coature makes stunning luxury coats, vests, sweaters, and accessories for small dogs. These dog collars are made of high quality leather and are adorned with a cluster of sparkly Swarovski crystals.
This collar is made of high quality leather and is adorned with a row of sparkly Swarovski crystals.
The eyelet & stud leather dog collar is another beautiful way to add to your dog collar collection.
Each collar is made with attention to detail and designed to deliver the most bling and sparkle for the buck! This "Diamond Head" collar really makes a statement, featuring 3 beautiful over-sized bling rhinestone skulls on a leather dog collar with nickel finish hardware and rhinestone buckle. Diamante, pink rhinestone dog collars, jeweled with diamonds, with swarovsky crystals, gemstones, or with distinguished designer ornaments.

Not only are these collars classy, they are extremely durable and made out of water-resistant leather! Smooth finished surface on the outside and inside for comfort and extra resistance to the elements. A center ring provides a pivot point to relieve pressure if the collar gets caught on something, allowing the collar to slip off your dog's neck easier. A new innovation on the Hollywood II collars is a center D-Ring so you can see your baby's BLING when walking your pet!
Personalized and embroidered collars aren’t just for little dogs that second as your accessories. There is even a black one with skull and crossbones for the dog that wants to keep his tough image intact. Not only does it instantly let people know your pups name, but it also eliminates the need for an I.D.
This collar is a good way to go if you want your dog safe while they work as your hunting partner. This color is durable and worth every penny to make your dog look like the majestic pet you know he is.
Emma is an adorable dog in Denver, CO that has her owner totally wrapped around her little finger. The color coordinated alternating crystals wrap around the collar to provide a great look from every angle! Handcrafted, this collar is made from high quality leather with a single row of dazzling clear Swarovski crytals. And the custom laser engraved nameplate is always right on the back of your dog's neck for easy identification. Slick and smooth faux croc entices the eye while the letters and charms give your dog personality. Mirage creates beautiful blinged out collars, leashes, harnesses and accessories with fun vibrant colors and high quality detailing made just for your pup. But mostly, we offer custom bling collars and jeweled collars for tiny dogs, the XXS and the small dogs.
This collar can be customized by having your dog’s info engraved onto a stainless steal slide on tag. Collars are all finished with handpainted edges, plated buckle, some with logo D-ring plus a enamel BowHaus NYC dog bone charm. Pictured left: personalized dog collars for small dogs and large dogs, in 8 color combinations. These small dog collars with bling are perfect and very chic for tiny dogs such as a chihuahua, yorkie (yorkshire terrier), maltese ; and for small dogs such as a pug, french bulldog, boston terrier, cairn terrier, chinese crested, dachshund, fox terrier, italian greyhound, pekingese, papillon, pomeranian, miniature poodle, toy poodle, miniature schnauzer, or a shih tzu. It’s just a matter of finding what is right for your dog, and this article will help make your search a little bit easier. To complete the look, Chien Coature offers coordinating collars, leashes, necklaces, Diva Dangles, walking bags and matching jewelry for the pet owner.see the Chien Coature Collectionfrom Bitch New YorkChien Couture for small and tiny dogs. Collars are all finished with hand painted edges, plated buckle, plus an enamel BOWHAUSNYC dog bone charm.
The outside bison leather provides durability and great looks, while the inside elk leather layer gives your dog that extra soft comfort!
Ofcourse the crossbred dogs, mixed breed dogs and the mutts deserve a beautiful bling collar just as well! The combination of bison and elk hide along with the personalized brass nameplate really give these collars a unique look! The personalized brass nameplate offers 4 customizable lines with a max of 25 characters per line. Upscale dog accessories, high fashion, luxury designer dog collars, dog necklaces, dog jewelry. With our high tech laser engraver we’ll be able to completely personalize your collar and give your dog an advantage in any beauty contest he or she walks into.

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