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He jumps onto the back of my chair and lays on my back just like he did when he needed comfort as a pup.
His bed is in the same area, and he did not like peeing on his bed so he would use the pee pad.
That is my short way of pee pad train your dog method, I hope it works as well for you as it did me!
We have a nice large back yard for him to play and pee in, but when he was a puppy he peed inside a lot.

Because we wanted him to pee outside we had to take him out regularly through the day for him to do his 'business'. But,my mom tried a brand one time that she threatened to take the peepad to their office and show them how horrible it was.
I am not a fan of these and have trained dogs all my life, and don't think they should be used as a "convenience" to the owner. It is a case of train yourself before ever using on them.I have a review of bark collars here on my site where I fully go into the ups and downs on them.

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