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Dog Food and BehaviourIf they are feeding their dogs on food such as Bakers Complete or Pedigree.
I feel it is important to state, that though I am looking at Bakers and Pedigree in this article. I also believe the Supermarkets like Sainsbury's and Tesco's, should understand the ingredients of the dog food they are stocking.
How can Purina describe this as a good wholesome food, doggylicious and nutritionally balanced, is totally beyond me. In a PMFA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association) press release, they state: "In light of recent media coverage about prepared dog foods, the PFMA speaks out on behalf of an industry deeply committed to enhancing pet welfare through optimum nutrition".
People are now more aware than ever of the affects of food and behaviour in our children and our pets. This is usually used with the manufacturer’s profit margin in mind as opposed to the quality of food for your pet.
Bakers also include unspecified artificial preservatives and antioxidants - another group of ingredients that the majority of nutritional experts recommend avoiding, due to their links to health problems. (1) With all low grade foods, the amount you feed to get a reasonable amount of nutrients in your dog is quite high. I feel it is important to state that Bakers is not the only dog food that uses E numbers, animal derivatives, and unspecified ingredients.  Another leading brand that comes to mind is Pedigree, which also uses bulking agents, like cereals, and animal meat derivatives, antioxidants, artificial colourings, and preservatives . On the Dog Food Analysis site they state (5)"Overall this is one of the lowest quality products reviewed on this site. My thanks to the websites below, especially Which Dog Foods who have done exhaustive research.
Before the fast approaching deadline we wanted to get up a post about the Pedigree Foundation. If you do not know much about the Pedigree Foundation, we encourge you to visit their website and find out more. For most dog owners, all they know about the commercial dog food they buy is what they've seen in TV ads or other ads - from the dog food industry. The pet food area was always the last in line, the area cared for least by management (and staff alike). Further: On my way to learning scientific rigour, I already knew of the ingredients of commercial dog food. Sometimes, substances find their way into dog food that even the dog food industry wouldn't expect to be there: See the FDA's Dog Food Recall List. The reason why commercial dog food is always enriched or fortified with all sorts of chemical additives is shelf-life (and marketing). The diet of wild dogs consists of about 75% meat, bone, and innards such as tripe, liver etc, and 25% greens like grasses, twigs, leaves, dandelion, chard, apples, pears, berries, parsley, kale, parsnip, yam, squash, etc. Of course you already know fresh food is better - both for your family as well as for your dog!

It is difficult if not impossible to obtain any meaningful scientifically researched data about the lifespan of dogs that have been fed commercial dog food versus those that have been fed homemade dog food. However, the internet allows us to research such matters by systematically reviewing individual 'anecdotal' evidence from dog owners who mention these factors about their own dogs in blog posts and dog forums. You can do the same research to find out if there's any statistically relevant correlation between type of diet and cancer in dogs. As said in the beginning, after we gained some practice we now find feeding homemade dog food just as convenient - and much more pleasure for both us and the dogs. None of these additives is necessary or beneficial to your dog - although of course the pet food industry must describe them as "highly beneficial". Honestly, the only reason we continue to feed her dog food is because of my concern about obesity and proper nutrition which is fueled in part by the marketing propaganda that the dog food manufacturers instill. Once I’ve recovered (if), I plan to produce a year-long food series, one recipe a day, to make it easyyyyyyest for every dog owner to follow. I feed my dogs Orijen dry food mixed with either cooked chopped beef, or chicken,or turkey and assorted veggies and they have all lived to old age.
Trish, Blue Buffalo seems pretty good as commercial dog food (more are meanwhile shown here). Fed my boxer raw and cooked real food throughout, she is now 6 and everyone comments on how lean and muscular she is!
Their energy levels are marvelous, their coats luxurious, and as said my boxer who is 6, has perfectly white teeth (I’m not good at remembering brushings, just good food). We all know that they can cause certain behavioural and medical problems. At the time of writing I believe there are 13 E-numbers in Bakers complete dog food. Though the problems with labelling like Bakers and Pedigree, is there are often unspecified ingredients, so we do not get anywhere near the whole picture. It receives a 1* rating due to the unavailability of anything lower" Says it all really. I believe the law should be changed, so we as the purchaser, know exactly what is going into many of today’s popular dog foods.
They have generously agreed to donate 20 lbs of dog food for every post mentioning them before midnight EST, September 3rd.
However, food and diet for your German Shepherd is the factor #1 because if this is not chosen wisely, then no exercise regime in the world can make your GSD live longer and healthier. Because then I counter with what one of our dog experts had to say: "You need to have a degree in nutrition to get a raw food diet balanced".
I witnessed not the dog food production but the handling of dog food down the chain to the customer. When stocking the shelves (behind the rather nice-looking frontline) we would routinely meet and say hello to all sorts of crawling and creeping parasites in the pet food area. All dog food was 'enriched' or 'fortified' with the best supplements human laboratories could come up with.

At MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG we are no toadies for the pet food industry, nor do we have too much time on our hands to linger for an hour in the kitchen to prepare dog food! The gigantic amounts of money being turned over in the pet food industry are probably enough reason to prevent such research, or to make it 'disappear' from the public domain in cases where it was initiated privately. And if you then take hundreds of such individual reports together, you get a very good representation of the correlation between dogs' lifespan and feeding commercial dog food versus feeding homemade dog food.
There seems to be a strong correlation between feeding commercial dog food and the dog developing cancer and dying early!
But, like with so many things in life, it's only when we start making the change that we notice that homemade food actually is more convenient than we thought it would be. Meanwhile we have listed some of the best sources for 'going homemade' on our site here (as well as for commercial dog foods if you prefer). But I am certain that for all dog lovers there comes the time when they regret not to have switched to feed a homemade dog food diet. I’ve never liked the idea of feeding my dogs dry food because of my distrust of commercial brands but also because they simply enjoy normal food more. Which they believe was caused by feeding their dogs certain dog foods, have been around for many years. Such 'emergency' situations are unscheduled and unanticipated appointments and when traveling with the dogs. The longer the shelf-life, the less returns from the retail sector, and the higher the profit for the dog food producer.
Very specifically, we came across countless cases of oral cancer (cancer in the mouth) where the dog was being fed canned dog food.
Always read the labels and check online to see if there are any articles or recommendation for your brand of dog food.
Looking closer (fighting back my disgust and revulsion) I could see why the pet food could move about: It was being carried by an army of unidentified mini-critters.
Nutrition-rich not as in 'enriched' or 'fortified' with additives, no, a good variety of standard natural food does comprise all the nutrition necessary and beneficial to the standard dog! Including the shopping (you have to do that for canned dog food and kibble too), cutting, chopping and cooking (usually for the week ahead and then freezing parts of it), and including our renowned Feeding Routine incl '10-sec' Gesture Eating.
I found out the hard way (nothing tooooo serious) how important brushing teeth is when feeding cooked food… And chews too.
Every time I see those eyes all I want to do is snuggle him and give him all the food he can have!

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