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Play Strangelings and discover a stunning 3D world where you can breed creatures with amazing traits and colors to produce your own unique fantasy pet! Build your collection through breeding and buying from other players, then play with your Strangelings in our lush 3D environment to unlock their bewitching personalities. Playing OviPets, an online pet breeding & genetics game, hundreds of gamers have contributed to raising more than $10,000 for snow leopard conservation. Thousands of players have picked up the game since it was launched in 2012 – and they all share a love for animals.
I am so happy to read this, I am playing this game, and I did many of these leopard mutations as we call it, to be able to donate to you!
I am a player of ovi pets but sadly was an unpaid member…i must say though many of my BEST friends on this game helped and im so glad that ovi did this i couldnt EVER THINK OF A BETTER GAME!

As a gamer who gives annually to the SLT, it’s fantastic to hear something like this.
Even though I hadnt researched far enough ahead to be able to splice one of these cuties, I had bought quite a few and have seriously fallen in love with these beautiful creatures! I was so happy we were able to donate without giving real money because I’m not old enough to give real money so this was a perfect way! Just started playing a few weeks ago am now addicted to it and a paid member, love the game and love all the cool people I have met while playing ..
Your involvement with the dynamic Strangelings community gives you access to more trait and color choices, so the pets you play with can become as dazzling as you can imagine.
You can auction your pets for real money, add that perfect trait to your collection, or host an auction event yourself!

In the world of OviPets, players are able to adopt, raise and care for pets, much like they would for live animals.
Their traits and colors are inherited in a genetics-based system that lets you breed for exactly the pet you want; with different combinations of colors, patterns, and a wide range of possible body parts, your Strangelings can reflect any taste.
This was something my husband and I did for their early birthday presents along with helping out a few other endangered species through other places. I am an admin (Just like on FB, I help run it) on one of the larges groups on Ovi, so I have gotten to see this thoroughly sweep through the game.

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